*Update* Holmium Oxide Calibration Scan #1A & 1B

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David H Haffner SrDavid H Haffner Sr 12/25/2017 at 00:210 Comments

This is a how you calibrate your spectrometer, with a known certified standard like the one I use ( Holmium oxide #2034,) certified by the NIST. I have pics of it on my Raman spectrometer project, but I wanted to know what my calibrated spectral range is on this particular spectrometer and here are the results.

These are the 2 actual spectral images:

*Updated* 12/25/17 @ 2:34:PM

I re-scanned my Holmium oxide sample and re-calibrated it to get a sharper spectral image and got a better quadradic fit and "truer" data points:

 The light source is my Solux 4700K broad band lamp.

Above is the raw data which is the reference (Solux lamp) and the sample (Holmium oxide sample)

These are the results after dividing the sample by the reference spectrum.

This is the data results from the division, to the left is the observed peaks (mine,) and the expected peaks which are the Holmium oxide standard peaks.

Not bad for an amature :)