ColorPod full color 3d printing

This device converts your fdm printer to a full color powder printer.

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The ColorPod is a novel device that extents a regular 3D printer with the capability of printing full color 3D models. The unit prints full color 3D objects by dispensing powder and colored liquid droplets. It creates a model in a heap of powder on the build plate. It can be used with most popular 3D printers.

The ColorPod comes with fully functional PC software supporting both STL and OBJ 3D model files. For larger models, the software creates a support wall around the actual model. Aad van der Geest invented this process back in 1992. The ColorPod makes this technology available for owners of popular filament (FDM) based 3D printers. In its simplest form the ColorPod is just a printed circuit board and two motors. All other parts can be printed with a regular FDM 3D printer.
Whit the vacuum expansion you can print with edible ink. The combination of edible ink and sugar makes this a full color 3d candy printer.

These are the stl and step files for making a colorpod setup on a cheap geeetec i3 3d printer (just 200$) .

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gpspector wrote 03/08/2017 at 12:50 point

How much and were do I get one? Are there any videos of this thing printing? how solid of a print is it? 

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Aad wrote 01/18/2017 at 07:50 point

You can buy the colorpod printed circuit board in my tindie shop (spitstec) . Example build is for an ultimaker 3d printer. The software is made so that it can run on any gcode-based 3d printer. I can help you to make a design for your printer. The software that comes with it is for windows. 

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samern wrote 01/17/2017 at 21:14 point

I just have to far along is the project?  I would love to convert an older printer to this.

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