167.6k 2.7k 200 1.2k
Python-powered machine vision modules
Project Owner Contributor



82.5k 509 143 299
Fast RPi WiFi without USB
Project Owner Contributor

RPi WiFi


48.4k 398 69 286
LiFePO4 battery / UPS / power manager for Raspberry Pi
Project Owner Contributor


Patrick Van Oosterwijck

29.1k 374 33 193
A tiny processor board the size of a 16 pin DIP with Bluetooth Low Energy
Project Owner Contributor

OSHChip V1.0


32.7k 900 14 151
A computer running the BASIC programming language, generating composite video and reading PS/2 keyboard input using a single AVR.
Project Owner Contributor

Single Chip AVR BASIC Computer


44.9k 278 33 149
Monitoring soil moisture at different depths to determine when to irrigate, and - more importantly - how much water is needed. Save 25%!
12.7k 483 72 131
Memtype, an elegant solution to have your credentials stored everywhere.
Project Owner Contributor

Memtype: Open Source Password Keeper


14.8k 146 15 125
Always jealous of people who could afford big Nixie Tubes, I rolled my own alternative with WS2812Bs and laser cutting!
18k 436 8 110
An open-source ultrasound imaging dev kit side project
1.7k 121 3 71
A place for Tindie sellers and the community to meet and stretch their legs
Project Owner Contributor

Tindie Dog Park


11.7k 135 12 69
LiFePO4 battery technology, made easy for makers
Project Owner Contributor


Patrick Van Oosterwijck

10.4k 94 42 65
Meet the Makertum MK1, a 500W PCB heated bed that runs from mains voltage
Project Owner Contributor

110 / 230 V~ PCB Heated Bed

Moritz Walter

14.3k 177 14 64
atsamd11c14 Arduino zero compatible ARM M0 compact usb stick
Project Owner Contributor

DiXi - arduino sam D11 usb stick


4.7k 68 5 58
this board have unique compact design and is easy to assembly +SD card reader +RGB led +Touch pad +User button
22.9k 143 17 49
A DIY GPS disciplined 10 MHz reference clock
Project Owner Contributor

GPS Disciplined xCXO

Nick Sayer

9.7k 80 11 47
Measure tire or ball pressure with your smartphone
8.8k 236 4 47
Replicate an Apple-1. Or an OSI Challenger. Or something else. Design your own 6502 computer by programming it.
7.3k 379 12 45
Previously I made 4-bit CPU, and I would like to follow the progress of human being.
Project Owner Contributor

Retro DIY computer project


9.7k 55 9 42
Switchable 5V and 3.3V power from a AA, using an efficient boost regulator
2.6k 52 0 41
The USB Tester makes it easy to monitor the current and voltage of any USB device (and non USB).
Project Owner Contributor

USB Tester


5.4k 43 10 37
A plug-n-play 4 port USB hub for the Pi Zero - No soldering required! Also provides a power source for the Pi
4.7k 1.3k 2 35
An Enigma Machine Simulator was created with an Arduino UNO and a Touchscreen LCD. Simulates Enigma I, M3, M4, the Plugboard and Uhr Switch.
8.6k 55 3 34
Using a Pi Zero, I want to create a cheap keyboard interface and graphics card for my RC2014 homebrew computer
Project Owner Contributor

$5 Graphics Card For Homebrew Z80


8k 139 10 34
Wearable breakout boards. Flex Modules have 2.54mm castellations for breadboard and solder on to wearable flexible PCBs
Project Owner Contributor

Flex Modules

Chris Hamilton

3.9k 53 12 31
DISPENSER V5 for Manual solder Paste application (without compressed air) to PCB for reflow soldering or Hot-Air Soldering techniques.
7.9k 902 11 29
Home security project based on atmega and ardunio. MQTT gateway for data gathering.
Project Owner Contributor

Home security


1.2k 60 4 28
A 'duino especially for putting in projects.
Project Owner Contributor



819 23 9 27
A full FPGA system in one square inch area
Project Owner Contributor

The 'Configum' module


1.9k 29 2 26
Program an STM32L4 Cortex M4F with the Arduino IDE via USB
3.5k 348 0 26
Simply making small computer as a hobby, combined my previous two (ATMega, SAMD21 ARM) projects in one.
Project Owner Contributor

Some small computer project


8.7k 324 3 23
simple 3d printed stepper motor clock
Project Owner Contributor

Holo clock

ekaggrat singh kalsi

6.6k 504 0 21
A developer friendly way of analog digital io via restful web services & usb
Project Owner Contributor

Restful IO


3.2k 66 5 21
A tower high 90cm made out of acrylic that lights up with the music or sensing the position of a hand on top of it.
Project Owner Contributor

Interactive VU LED tower


636 110 0 20
Arduino-compatible, programmable RGB LED bow tie using WS2812B addressable LEDs. Powered by the Adafruit Pro Trinket
8.2k 35 4 20
Distribute power to all the things running on an Emax / Nighthawk 250 quadcopter
1.4k 368 3 20
Chaos Illustrated by the Analog Computation of the Lorenz Equations
Project Owner Contributor

Chaos Computer

Tom Quartararo

2.6k 653 13 20
This is an Arduino-compatible, vertically-mountable microcontroller board made entirely of TH components
1.5k 25 0 19
Build your own continuous servo, with an RC servo and a Mocoder Magnetic Encoder
Project Owner Contributor

Mocoder - Magnetic Encoder

Nicholas Stedman

6k 50 2 19
An open-source, Arduino/Chipkit compatible, and breadboard-friendly pulse sensor
Project Owner Contributor

Easy Pulse Plugin

Rajendra Bhatt

2k 1k 3 19
Enable phone and web app control of 16 station sprinkler, internal lighting, household appliances, at my vacation home.
Project Owner Contributor

Particle Photon Home Automation

Joe Menard

2.8k 636 0 17
IBDAP's objective is to become an affordable open source & open hardware CMSIS-DAP JTAG/SWD debug probe implemented using gcc & makefile.
1.6k 24 6 17
Open source persistence of vision (POV) light for bike wheels, pendulums, or hand waving. Multiple sensors to trigger the animations.
Project Owner Contributor

Multi-sensor POV light


2.3k 1.2k 1 16
Cactus Micro is our integrated developement board, we have mixed Arduino with WI-FI ESP8266 module into a single board.
2.2k 22 2 15
Tiny sameD09 dev board. (Zero has nothing to do with arduino, the name allows other boards in this line. namely -One, & -Two coming later.)
Project Owner Contributor


Jeremy g.

13.1k 263 1 15
DIY Hifi Phono Stage
Project Owner Contributor

Muffsy Phono Preamp PP-3


809 8 5 15
The game of connect four doubles as a scroll text display
Project Owner Contributor

Connect four


2.1k 356 7 14
A BoosterPack that turns a TI Launchpad into a fully functional robot!
Project Owner Contributor



1.2k 253 6 14
A supercharged Arduino pro-mini compatible board with Atmega328pb
Project Owner Contributor


Sandeep Patil

6k 49 1 14
A CP2102 3.3V USB To UART converter support 400mA+ current. Good for upload firmware fo ESP8266
2.1k 191 10 13
Super tiny, Micro clock using a Numitron as its display. Running off a 400mAh lipo battery.
3.1k 440 2 13
TinyESP is a tiny size breadboard adapter for ESP-12/ESP-07 ESP8266 WiFi module. It contains a 3.3V voltage LDO, a Reset button and a flash
Project Owner Contributor

TinyESP ESP8266 Breadboard Adapter


289 9 4 12
The Mini Quadruped Mobile Robot
Project Owner Contributor



1.2k 13 0 12
A tiny, Arduino compatible, control board for WS2812B RGB LED strips that can be soldered directly on to the pads at the end of the strip.
Project Owner Contributor



493 8 15 11
A 1" round wearable with 8 LEDs
Project Owner Contributor

Tiny Blinky

Nick Sayer

659 10 6 10
USB breakout board for easy access to all lines and current monitoring
Project Owner Contributor


kaktus circuits

587 12 7 10
Everything you will need is ready-made.
Project Owner Contributor

ULTRA, a successor of SDuino


1.1k 561 0 10
The Tick Tock Timer is a 7 day relay scheduling device with a highly accurate RTC and simple but effective Touch Screen GUI.
Project Owner Contributor

Tick Tock Timer

Jasper parker

458 9 2 10
An on-board Arduino with a mini-PCIe form factor
Project Owner Contributor


Gergely Imreh

342 11 0 10
Dark-activated, 2.8 candela white LED with wide 160-degree light output powered by a 9 V battery.
Project Owner Contributor

BlackOut Light

Kris Winer

577 12 2 9
This is a capacitive touch wheel could be used as a simple motion/swipe input to your microcontroller.
Project Owner Contributor

Capacitive touch wheel


1.1k 14 0 9
My version of the ubiquitous USB serial port gizmo
Project Owner Contributor


Nick Sayer

433 239 2 9
This device converts your fdm printer to a full color powder printer.
Project Owner Contributor

ColorPod full color 3d printing


788 11 0 9
A breakout board for the FUSB302, a USB-PD PHY for BMC communication used in USB-C connectors
3.9k 23 1 8
Creating a breakout board for the TI CC3200MOD WIFI micro controller.
Project Owner Contributor

CC3200MOD Breakout

Jackson Keating

217 10 2 8
pin^2 is a more versatile breakout board with space for extra components
7.9k 321 0 8
An Improved AudioKarma CNC Phono Stage
Project Owner Contributor

Muffsy Phono Preamp PP-2


590 8 8 8
One breakout board to fit 6, 11, 16 and 20mm sized coin cells.
Project Owner Contributor

Coin Cell Maestro

Analog Two

1.8k 633 2 7
This is about writing a website and exposing REST JSON APIs on Raspberry Pi. For this I used Python Flask.
502 258 2 7
Open source Raspberry Pi HAT for rapid prototyping of IoT
Project Owner Contributor

Anavi Flex Raspberry Pi HAT

Leon Anavi

164 8 16 7
Connect 8 ultrasonic range sensors to an Arduino with I2C bus and one pin
1.5k 363 5 7
A nice little shield for 4-digit 7-segment LED display, just about what I have been struggling in finding over the internet.
Project Owner Contributor

4-digit 7-segment LED display

Clovis Fritzen

674 9 0 7
Lipo charger, micro-SD, full-color OLED are on-board with ARM processor (SAMD21G18A) with Arduino programmable
Project Owner Contributor

ULTIMA, a real successor of SDuino


464 6 0 6
AreaCPLD is an affordable cpld development board based on the well known Altera maxV CPLD.
Project Owner Contributor



288 695 0 6
Grove-compatible breakout board for Arduino Nano with Serial, Digital, PWM, Analog and I2C
Project Owner Contributor

GroveHat for the Arduino Nano

Gergely Imreh

1k 542 0 6
Connect your NavSpark module to Raspberry Pi to get GPS/GLONASS/Beidou access and an on-board Arduino
414 6 0 5
LinkIt ONE dog-(wear)able board, activated by remote: track your dog if you miss him, escape or is stolen just with a simple SMS!
Project Owner Contributor

Hugo (or 'U go!)

Enrico Miglino

2.3k 27 1 4
Using only an AC wallwart, giving ultra-low ripple
Project Owner Contributor

Hifi Regulated Dual Power Supply


312 108 11 4
MapleTree Mini RET6 is a board with 2 DAC, 512K Flash, 64K RAM. It uses STM32F103RET6, but you can program it with Arduino IDE. Only 9.9$
1.4k 465 0 4
Fix your eBay router with the G25 Arduino CNC Shield
Project Owner Contributor

G25 Arduino CNC Shield


499 365 2 4
An Arduino compatible microcontroller development board based on the ATmega32U4 IC with Bluetooth 4.0.
Project Owner Contributor

BlueDuino R2


606 222 0 3
Dual 3.5A motor driver with built-in signal inverter for LAP control.
Project Owner Contributor


Simone Tolomei

968 7 0 3
Solar powered AIS repeater, to relay AIS messages from receiver on nearby hill back home via LoRa
Project Owner Contributor

AIS repeater


1.9k 225 0 3
Add a rechargeable battery to your ESP8266 NodeMcu v1.0
510 3 0 3
A backpack that fits over a bread boarded atmega 328
Project Owner Contributor


Jeremy g.

438 2 0 2
An Arduino-based LM35 thermometer that shows temperature on a 6-bit LED display
Project Owner Contributor

Binary Thermometer

Clovis Fritzen

839 394 0 2
BLEPad is a clone of LilyPad Arduino USB with BLE support
498 5 4 2
It’s a user programmable Panel meter which makes current/voltage measurements accurately and can serve as microcontroller solution also !!
Project Owner Contributor

Panel Meter V1 OSHW


324 2 0 1
yet another breakout for ESP3212 module
Project Owner Contributor

ESP3212 breakout

Hemal Chevli