Apple Cinema Display (ADC) RGB-LED Conversion.

Such a beautiful display both inside and outside. How it turn into RGB Backlit will be much more pretty!!!!! Wide-Gamut display.

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Hi! Again on same project that I have established before on Dell 2408WFP and within reach of great NEC 2090UXi which I have modified it to RGB-LED Backlit.

As I learned so much during these projects and as colourist willing to make best possible display for grading (even though you have to buy expensive display for critical work).

The model I owned is A1038 which is 20 inches 16:10 Apple Cinema Display with resolution of 1680X1050.
The critical part of getting great color out of this modification will be the LED itself. You have to use
- Red Primary at 625nm
- Green Primary at 528nm
- Blue Primary at 467nm

The Project will begin soon.

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myalbino wrote 10/22/2019 at 08:39 point

Hey there. Did you end up modifying your cinema display? I have a 23" DVI one with faded CCFLs and I am trying to work out a strategy for modifying its backlight. I also have an i1 Display instrument and Arduino working knowledge so yes, very interested in any info you might have to share.

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