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    Requires a Raspberry Pi computer with a RPI camera module or webcam installed, configured and tested to verify it is working. I used a RPI model B2 but a B+ , 3 or earlier will work OK. A quad core processor will greatly improve performance due to threading.  Also runs with webcam under windows or a unix distro. Note windows will not run bash shell scripts.  See wiki for more details re windows install.

    For details see GitHub project  page https://github.com/pageauc/speed-camera  and GitHub Wiki Instructions here  https://github.com/pageauc/speed-camera/wiki

    NOTE - Review settings in config.py file and edit with nano or text editor as required. You will need to perform a calibration to set the correct value for IMG_VIEW_FT variable based on the distance from camera to objects being measured for speed. See video and GitHub project page for more details.