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    Research Projects | Hardware and software

    spider motion

    Toadfish chaotic vocalization, 2011.

    The projects section contains details of my work since 1998. Some of the projects are blog-like, lab notebook style, while others are more finished. Some are elaborations of the methods sections of papers and contain the code used to analyze data. The image to the right is from an attempt at using nonlinear time-series analysis to investigate toadfish chaotic vocalization.

    The hardware and software techniques section contains various items connected to research, teaching, or simply trying to understand the methods section of some paper. These tend to be fairly specialized.

  • Teaching

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    Teaching ECE 4760 | ECE 5760 | ECE 5030 | Student Designs | ytube


    ECE 4760 lecture 2012.

    I teach three courses in Electrical and Computer Engineering this year, ECE 4760 in the fall and ECE 5760 and ECE5030 in the spring. ECE 4760 covers microcontrollers as components in electronic design. ECE 5760 deals with system-on-chip design using Verilog and C to design FPGA circuits for embedded applications. Both courses have an extensive, 5-week, design component. ECE5030 covers the theory and practical aspects of recording and analyzing electronic data collected from biological systems. Student designs contains undergraduate and Masters of Engineering work in ECE and Neurobiology done since 1998. An Older Material link contains other web-documented courses.