Affordable Household Robot

A robot for physical work inside of a home

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This was the project which lead to the work I am doing now. Jerry was a prototype of a true Rosie The Robot. A machine which anyone could bring into their home and have it bring them a soda, or pick up the laundry.

He is made entirely of wood to keep cost down and make him look like a piece of furniture. He uses a Nvidia Jetson TK-1 as the primary CPU. This has the power to do all the analysis done on the vision data, which is his primary sensor. The microcontroller is an Arduino Mega.

This build uses 2 12v lead acid batteries. They power the DC brushed right-angle gear motors. These are a bit loud so I am using steppers in the next robot.

The arm has a limited range of motion but allows him to pick items up off the floor and raise them to the height of a standard countertop. When not in use the arm is stowed internally.

The gripper is 3-D printed and can be removed and changed easily.

I'm now working to turn this robot into a product.

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deʃhipu wrote 07/09/2016 at 21:36 point

Would be lovely to see some more details about your work here...

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