3D Printer

When designing the 3D printer, speed and print volume were the biggest concerns. The Versa3D has a print volume of 11.8 x 11.8 x 8.7 in. or 1,211 cubic inches. This is an extremely large amount considering the desktop design. To allow this to be practical, the printer has to be fast, very fast. The design of the machine allows for speeds of 300mm/s for large prints. In order to make this happen, the Versa3D uses a rack and pinion drive system for high torque and speed. The frame uses v-wheel movement for smooth and fluid motion. The printer is able to achieve high printing speeds while maintaining high quality.

CNC Mill

Because of the rigidity of the frame and the torque allowed through the movement system, the milling system is built to perform. With powerful NEMA 17 motors and a 300W spindle, the Versa3D is able to easily cut through woods, plastics, and soft metals effortlessly. The spindle is virtually silent when running unlike many other router attachments. This making it ideal for desktop use. This system is also able to perform smooth 3 axis milling operations.

Laser Cutter

The 2500mW laser head gives the Versa3D the power to cut and engrave. Easily able to cut through a variety of woods and papers, the machine also as the ability to engrave at high speed. Similar to a 3D printer, laser engraving requires high speed movement. The engraver is able to travel at up to 300mm/s for scoring and engraving on a variety of materials. The laser has an adjustable focus and can accept materials up to 75mm in height. The Versa3D also has 3 axis capabilities so uneven surfaces are no obstacle.

Versa3D Specs

  • Dual Extruders. The Versa3D incorporates two E3D™ all-metal extruders into the design. This allows for the ultimate experimentation with filaments. 3D print soluble support material or print in two colors.
  • Powerful Spindle. The spindle is a powerful 300W motor that is virtually silent when running. This allows for use on a desktop without the noise of other router heads.
  • Laser. The 2500mW laser gives you the power to cut and engrave a wide variety of materials.
  • Wireless Control. The ability to control and monitor the machine from your smartphone or tablet is important to us.
  • Onboard Slicing. Not only is our machine wireless, it is as easy as drag and drop. Truly simple no matter what your previous experience.
  • Automated Setup. Keeping the machine simple for users was important. We incorporated a lidar sensor to automatically level the build surface as well as edge find for CNC milling.
  • Build Plate. A 3D printer is only as good as it's first layer. We have incorporated the BuildTak™ surface to ensure maximum adhesion for printing.
  • Rigidity and Speed. The machine is built from structural aluminum framing for rigidity. The rack and pinion design allows for speed and accuracy no matter what tool.
  • Precision. With repeatability of 0.008", precision is no question.
  • Assembled and Tested. The Versa3D ships fully assembled and tested.

Check out www.createall3d.com for more details.