Quantity   Component name
1 × 3x25 mm Tritium Phosphor Tube Any size works, but for this setup this size will do. More tubes will produce more power and greater efficiency, so long as they fit into the panel configuration.
1 × Small Amorphous Solar Panel You can obtain this from a cheap $3 calculator. Make sure it has a similar size to the Tritium tube you are using.
1 × 9V Battery Clip Optional, for convenience.
1 × Capacitor (100uF or greater) For storage of generated energy.
1 × Aluminum Foil Square Used as reflector to focus light back onto the panel.
1 × Container It's very important to shield the device from all light, or you will have a terrible solar panel instead of a nuclear battery.
1 × Voltage boosting circuit (optional) 1.6 volts will not light an LED. You can use a garden light circuit to boost this voltage and light an LED off of the capacitor.