Team Valor Light Up Badge -- #PokemonGO

A badge that will display your Team Valor colors wherever you go

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I have a cut-out of the Team Valor logo that is backlit by LEDs with a controllable pulse rate and brightness.

The cut-out is placed on top a piece of non-glare acrylic so that the image of Moltres is pulsing with the LEDs.

The LEDs are controlled by a square wave oscillator with adjustable frequency using a potentiometer.

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    Step 1

    Since Pokemon GO came out, I've wanted to make something to related to the game. I wanted something I could make in an afternoon that I could use right away, so I thought of a blinking Team Valor badge to represent the best team in Pokemon GO. The circuit is simple, I am using a square wave oscillator that is driving an NPN transistor which lights the LEDs. The real challenge comes in the enclosure. I laser cut a cut-out of the Team Valor Emblem and glued it to one side of a piece of non-glare acrylic. When the LEDs turn on, the emblem is displayed in all its glory.
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    Step 2

    All the materials should run you about <$10 (minus the laser cutter of course and soldering tools)

    1 x Team Valor Emblem -- Moltres cut-out on black cardstock
    1 x 3 in by 3 in piece of acrylic
    1 x acrylic cutting knife
    1 x 2 in by 2 in piece of aluminum foil
    1 x 2 in by 2 in piece of white paper
    12 x 5mm LEDs
    2 x MCP6002 Op Amp
    4 x 10k resistor
    3 x 100nF capacitor
    1 x 3.3M resistor
    1 x perfboard
    Copper tape
    Hot glue
    Tape measure
    Soldering tools
    Laser cutter

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    Step 3

    This part will be really easy if you have a laser cutter. I found an image of the Team Valor Emblem online on Jackaloupe's blog and then used an online image to .DXF (common file type for CAD drawings) converter to prepare the image for the laser cutter. Then I uploaded the DXF file to a laser cutter I have access to at school and viola! We have our Moltres cut-out.

    If you do not have access to a laser cutter, I would suggest a hobby knife and transparency from your local Hobby Lobby.

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