Lasercut Projectbox - without fasteners

Projectbox with is scaleable and easyly cutted with a lasercutter

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I needed some cases for my home automation system which I am building with .As the pcbs are starting to look ugly, I decided to use our lasercutter to make a box from acrylic.20 Prototypes later I have created a sketchup modell of a box which is easily clipped and uses minimal material. The case is made without fasteners and when lasered out of acrylic or hdf board.The initial purpose of this design was to house my mysensors serial gateway based on NRF24L01+. Inspired by Lady Ada.


Sketchip Model with Sketches, can be adjusted

SSEYO Koan Play File - 3.27 MB - 02/01/2021 at 08:10


  • 1 × Measurement of you components you want to fit
  • 1 × Acrylic Sheet ( 3mm) Can also be changed but then you have to change the drawing

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