Unique mini quadcopter

fully designed mini quadcopter for special applications
unique body, microcontroller and flight controller software

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In this project I will design a mini quad copter from the ground up, includinig unique body, speacielly design flight cotroller based on Arduino Due, with custom hardware and software.

  • Designing and building mini quadcopter (with 3D printing & laser cutting).
  • Designing flight controller with interchangeable sensors for various applications (based on Arduino Due).
  • Programming unique flight controller software for any project like that (with custom hardware and features) for autonomous missions. currently as a sentinel (more details to come) but can be expanded to any assignment.

  • 1 × Arduino Due as the flight controller MCU
  • 4 × 16mm od carbon fiber tubes For the wings
  • 4 × 30A SimonK ESC with bec
  • 4 × F40 2500KV F-Series brushless motors
  • 1 × 2200mAh 11.1V 3S 35C XT60 Lipo Battery

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  • Flight controller board milling

    Benny09/20/2016 at 21:51 0 comments

    final design for the flight controller

    milling the PCB

    the final result

    looks pretty good for now =]

  • let's start building

    Benny09/13/2016 at 18:07 0 comments

    I have printed and cut must of the body parts and some of the hardware arrived!

    I had cut the carbon fiber wings tube into the correct length.

    I had assambled the lower part of the quadcoppter, and everthing fits perfectly =]

    next update will come soon.. (hopefully i will experiments with flexible materials)

  • Material exploration

    Benny09/05/2016 at 17:00 0 comments

    I started to test different kinds of rubber material for the vibration dampers first test with flexible resin did not good to well due to excess exposure to the alcohol cleaning solution.

    The second attempt turn around fine, but a little bit too stiff for my liking.

    I printed them with FormLabs printer, I wish to make two more attemps with ninja flex / pla flex & with molding.

  • few setbacks and a little progress

    Benny08/26/2016 at 11:31 0 comments

    So I am having a bit problems with the othermill machine, I can mill my pcb only with 1/100" bit, which I dont have and is too small, moreover, my hardware delivery is delayed. In the meantime I wrote few libraries for the sensors that I could not find online, and I have tested most of them with my Arduino Due. Also I have inserted all the telemetry to my 3d model, and I have designed new landing gear, I hope next week I could make some more significant progress.

  • Stage two: desgining the flight controller (2)

    Benny08/02/2016 at 19:57 0 comments

    Thank to K.C. Lee advices I have improved the flight controller PCB layout

  • Stage two: desgining the flight controller

    Benny08/01/2016 at 09:32 5 comments

    I have started to design all the components into a PCB with all the sensors tha i could of think of that will be usefull. I am going to mill in using the othermill so i had to make the wires spread apart, the red wires will be connected manually since i have only one sided PCB's.

    ** I would love to hear you thoughts, if you have any ideas for new sensors or any suggestion please let me know. (all the component are listed in the project page).

  • Stage one: designing the quad body (5)

    Benny07/29/2016 at 09:50 0 comments

    I have designed the flight controller and the electronic hood.
    As I am still waiting for some hardware to arrive, I will stop the body modelling here until they will arrive so I would be able the finalize it. Until then I will start designing the flight controller, and the all the electronic.

  • Stage one: designing the quad body (4)

    Benny07/27/2016 at 21:57 0 comments

    Final (or at least very close) version of the core of the quadcopter, next steps, design the flight controller and electronics protection.

    the vibration dumpning was marged into the base of the quad in order to reduce the size and the weight, and few more contraction changes.

  • Stage one: designing the quad body (3)

    Benny07/26/2016 at 17:38 0 comments

    I have redegined the base so everything will connect firmly and the cable routing will be optimal.
    Next step: make the model slimer.

  • Stage one: designing the quad body (2)

    Benny07/25/2016 at 17:19 0 comments

    more components added to the design..

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Julian Blanco wrote 07/30/2016 at 17:50 point

Any luck on the control firmware?

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Benny wrote 07/30/2016 at 22:47 point

If I understood your question correctly, it terms of hardware I am currently working on the flight controller pcb design, and also writing small libraries & testing each component separately, updates will come soon. The software part (as a whole) will be one of last stages in that project. its a big project, and I have to work orginized if I wish to finish it on time.

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