Sweeping is working now!

A project log for WLAN Sinus Generator

A Sinus (0-40MHz) generator controlable via WLAN, using AD9850 and ESP8266.

Jan B.Jan B. 08/11/2016 at 20:010 Comments

Today I got the sweeping output working. I thought that the ESP8266 would be to slow for handling both WLAN/Web and changing the frequency, but it works awesome. (I think I have worked too much with these slow 8-bit arduinos :) ). I have finally uploaded the code for the ESP8266 here on Github . Its not so good documentated and not very pretty, but it works... I will clean up it in the next few days... If you want to test it, consult the schematic draft in the download sections for the wiring between AD9850 and ESP8266. In the config.h of the ESP8266 code you has to change the ssid and password to match your network.

Now im working on a nice frontend in the android app, I think this will be ready the next few days. Then I also want to test if my plan to use the sinus generator and the ADC of ESP8266 for measure filter curves, works...