HDBaseT Adapter

UHD A/V, 100Mbps + PoE, RS-232, IR & USB via one RJ45 plug.

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This project is still in the works, even though "Next Thing" has gone out of business. This project has taken a back-seat to In the end, I may use a Raspberry Pi instead.

HDBaseT is the new kid on the block. Its primary use case is HD video distribution over longer distances -- but may soon be the standard connector between set-top box & TV (the TV could power the set-top box via the Cat5e/6 cable or vice versa). HDBaseT leverages HDMI & other common hardware stacks, encoding them all into a PAM signal. If fully embraced, we may soon see a single-board computer, monitor & control surfaces all connected via Cat5e/6 cables & powered by a single PoE wall wort. A single-board computer sporting HDBaseT should ideally support daisy-chaining via two RJ45 jacks.

CH7035B Brief datasheet Rev1.13.pdf

"The video format conversion module is capable of translating digital RGB-565, RGB-666, RGB-888 or YCrCb (ITU-R 656, ITU-R 601) signal to the DVI signal, combining with the audio stream."

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