Blue heart

The project is infinity energy device based on solar panels lithium batteries led light ultracap

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Infinity energy device i already made in prototype version can be connected with other geared devices which i made long time ago can see on my youtube channel as zeinstain2011!thanks for watching and support!

This project giving energy without any strong noises!using big heavy generators can combine over worm gearing then can produce more energy better than wind and nuclear power!


Blue heart infinity energy device

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  • 2 × Solar panels 2 solar panels one for recharging the ultracap and the batteries of the light other one to recharge other things!
  • 1 × Ultracap 2.7v charge in quick time
  • 2 × Recharge lithium battetis 2 rechargeble lithium batteries with ultracap conected together can manifestbetter charging proces for ultracap ad solar panels cant charge ultracaps!
  • 2 × Usb female conectors To not overcharge the light
  • 2 × Usb male connectors

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