GPS tracker server

A project log for Off-grid GPS (race) tracker client and server

GPS tracker map server and client for use in remote locations with no internet coverage or mains power.

stevesteve 08/04/2016 at 21:290 Comments

HopeRF RFM98W modem on uputronics shield is mounted on a Raspberry Pi.

Python code on the Pi adapted from receives LoRa telemetry, formats and fowards it over loopback connection to GPS tracker server running on the same device.

Open-source GPS tracker software or receives the reconstructed GPS position reports and displays on webpage map interface.

Openstreetmap tiles or other custom map tiles are downloaded to the Pi ahead of time, and served on the Pi via installed on the Pi. Map tiles in .mbtile format are created beforehand using and Openstreetmap data; overlayed with GPX trails of race route if required, and then stored on the Pi SD card.

The Raspberry pi is set up as a WiFi hotspot with DHCP and DNS, and serves the GPS map server to any connected devices (mobile phones, tablets) as a captive portal. This way no internet connection is needed at any point for tracking, logging or displaying positions on a map.