3D printed case

A project log for FLipMouse

A low-cost mouse replacement for people with motor restriction. Operated either by the fingers or the lips.

benjaminaignerbenjaminaigner 11/02/2016 at 11:530 Comments

As it is much more common to have a 3D printer at home instead of a laser cutter, we developed a 3D printed version of the case. It might be more expensive than the lasercut case, but it is much more convenient, especially if you want to assemble the FLipMouse by yourself.

We currently have a test print, it looks quite nice and because of the 3D printing, a few additional features are possible.

For example:

A few pictures of the prints:

The print took 4:20 hours with a Prusa i3 MK2 in "normal" resolution.

When the metal thread inserts arrive, we will try to fully assemble the case, of course you will get updates right here :-)

The design files are available at GitHub.

I designed the case with FreeCAD, thanks to the small getting started here at hackaday!