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Miniature VT100 with all the bells and whistles

kuldeep-singh-dhakaKuldeep Singh Dhaka 04/28/2017 at 21:063 Comments

We are retro enthusiast and loved to know how old technology worked.

Since we live in a geographical location where technology was adopted late

(Like most economically developing countries, a big part of the computer & computing was skipped/missed.)

I was always curious about computing, computers, its history and how technology came to its present day.

I read alot and came to know that terminals were used with CPU and were bought [mostly] seperately.

VT100 is one such big name in computer terminal history.

I wanted to implement a terminal that was designed with todays technology but take its user to the terminal era. They should feel how it worked and still in use.

While working with MSP430, i realized that serial protocol is still [widely] in use for logging, communication and debugging in microcontrollers.

One could attach this to SBC (Single Board Computers) & Microcontrollers and get a CLI just like old times!

With newer version, i have made diy-VT100 feel more-and-more like original VT100.

We not limiting diy-VT100 to VT100 only. (VT100 is only a starting point.)

Older, Newer, different-other-than-VT100-family can be implemented with the same hardware.

We hope to preserve the computer hardware terminal history and at the same time design tools that are useful for hackers and makers.

If you have a working VT100 (or VT102) and could donate to us in India, that would be very helpful!

~~~ Kuldeep & Sandeep


fabian wrote 04/06/2019 at 14:38 point

How faster are this terminal? today terminal are very slow

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Patrick wrote 06/07/2017 at 20:40 point

Looking forward to pairing this to the PiDP-11 when it makes its appearance :)

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Kuldeep Singh Dhaka wrote 06/09/2017 at 07:42 point


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