NINpi3 retropie game console

Retropie compatible game controler

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This game controller is build around the new raspberry pi 3 b+ motherboard, it has a full 5" TFT panel and build in joypad controller. Ehternel connectivity and 3 extra usb's to attach more joypads :-) It has a powerful powerbank of 5000mA/h and gives you lot of gaming pleasure.

Full instructions and step / stl files will be online in the next comming days.
please 'like' if you find it a useful project :-)

All comments are welcome!

Materials used. (will be explained in detail with the instructions later on)

Prusa I3 MK3 3D printer 'TOP MACHINE!'

Polysmooth filament Snowwhite and Jet black

Raspberry PI 3 B+

Adafruit 5" TFT screen without touch

Mini 3W stereo applifier

2 small speakers

Powerpack 5000mA/h


Short HDMI cable

USB powercable

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