Washed out...

A project log for ESP32 Greenhouse Monitor

Collect temp/humidity, soil moisture, sunlight data to be stored on local web server

jeff-taylorJeff Taylor 05/22/2019 at 18:270 Comments

We had a big rain late last week, and somehow it found it's way through both layers of roof material to drop on the BME280 sensor, causing it to read temperatures of 30+ degrees over the actual reading. I replaced the sensor with my last spare, checked over the roof plastic and made adjustments to prevent more water leakage, and thought I was good to go.

But no!  A larger storm came through this weekend and absolutely drenched my whole workbench area in the greenhouse, pouring directly onto my poor little exposed ESP32 (which has been running all this time on the original solderless protoboard).  I thought for sure the ESP had taken it's last sleep, but when I brought it in the house to work on I discovered the computer itself is still working just fine.  Turns out the replacement BME280 has completely died and it locking up the ESP when connected.  I have several more on order, but it will probably be next week before any of them arrive.

In the meantime, this finally gives me the break that everyone has been waiting for!  With the system out of commission I took several pictures of the wiring, and will get started on drawing up the schematic for this project.  I know, I've procrastinated on the details for far too long, and I do apologize for that.  Thanks to all the followers who have shown an interest in this project, I'll get you the goods soon...