Quantity   Component name
1 × Berg Connector molex to berg connector adaptor to power the board.
2 × Molex 3 Pin Headers For the fans to plug onto.
1 × 4x2 Row Header Pins For the Berg Connector to clip onto
2 × NPN Transistors (I used PN2222ATA) Used to switch the 12V supply to the fans. Alternatively I'm certain two FETs could be used instead.
5 × 100nF Ceramic Capacitors (aka 0.1uF) For filtering the encoder bounces and decoupling the avr power supply.
1 × 5.1V Zener Protection Diode To help protect the avr and clamp the voltage to 5.1 V should it spike.
2 × Power Diodes (I used two 1N5817RLG)s To protect the fans from back EMF
5 × 10K Ohm resistors Pull up for RESET pin on AVR, other part of filters used for encoders.
2 × 1k Ohm resistors For the output of the PWM pins to the base of the corresponding transistors.
2 × Rotary encoders (I used Bourns PEC11-4215K-S0024) For altering our PWM output - also note this model is now obsolete and will soon be replaced by the PEC11R I believe.
1 × ATMEL AVR ATtiny2313 The brains of this wee getup.
1 × Prototyping board/stripboard/Perf Board Or design your own PCB from the schematic ;)
1 × Atmel Programmer (I used a JTAG ICE3 but any kind of ISP programmer will do nicely.)