First Prototype

A project log for SmartCar

A bluetooth 4.0 device to open and close the doors, trunk and start the car.

ngolinenGoline 04/21/2014 at 15:551 Comment

I've just finish my first prototype. It was made with Autodesk's 123circuits. I ordered 3 boards and will arrive sometime in the next months. The tests with the Protoboard was successfull. I will post more details as soon as it arrives.

It will be my first SMD circuit, I have never used solder flow. Any tips apreciated!

In the meanwhile I have to continue the development of the android application and since I'm using a Attiny85 instead of an Arduino Uno I'll have to make the arduino code smaller without give up the security part.


Ladvien wrote 05/01/2014 at 13:29 point
Good luck my friend. I developed a similiar (although, mine's a hackish attempt), so if you need in advice about the SMD stuff, let me know.

I made some mistakes on the prototype and never got around to finishing the board. I need to do that...

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