Arduino AnyTracer

Track and Trace anything with the Arduino AnyTracer of only 25 x 25 mm! It is the smallest, complete GPS GSM tracker in the entire world.

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Together with the best Italian and Russian GPS specialists we managed to make the smallest complete GPS GSM tracker in the world. This tracker is only 25 x 25 mm! With the onboard STM32 microcontroller you can program it yourself with Arduino or online (!) with or in C using Keil or the opensource CooCox IDE. Almost anybody can do the programming with their own beloved platform.

With AnyTracer Anybody can track literally Anything where you have a GSM network! It can be your luggage, parcel in the mail, your child during holidays, your bicycle trip, your marathon, your boat, your airplane, your high altitude balloon, your car or other belongings in the way YOU want it. As the name says anything goes! Be creative and let us know what you are using it for! AnyTracer also has an onboard accelerometer.

  • 1 × STM32 microcontroller the beating heart
  • 1 × GL865 Telit modem can be additionally programmed with python
  • 1 × Quectel L30 GPS including a smart offline Assisted-GPS system for very fast First Time To Fix
  • 1 × MMA8652 accelerometer one of the best
  • 1 × Macronix MX25L8006E CMOS Serial Flash to store 1000 's of data

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    Step 1

    Arduino AnyTracer can be assembled by yourself. Go to the Indiegogo Campaign page and choose a perk which permits you to do so:

    You can buy the components yourself or we send these over to you. Or we do all assembly for you. Choose a perk which suits you best.

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I'm not going to skull this now because it's pretty much just an advertisement, but I've followed in in case it becomes more.

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repkid wrote 07/04/2014 at 16:45 point
This is basically a product placement.

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