Virtual Wheelchair Traveller

A modified motorized wheelchair, combined with virtual reality gear creating limitless travel experiences.

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A motorized wheelchair is outfitted with a modified control system. The standard joystick navigation is enhanced with a positional system that reads joystick data from user input and feeds into a nearby computer system, controlling a virtual camera. Meanwhile, the axle motor is disengaged and battery voltage is shifted to a rumble system that simulates traversal across different surface types.
The participant dons the VR goggles and custom VR software reads the input values from the familiar joystick steering system. The VR software feeds back movement information to an attached rumble pack, simulating movement across smooth and bumpy terrain.
The VR software will simulate a range of fantastic environments, including other planets, floating surfaces, air cities, and the like. Similarly, the system could be used by non-handicapped with different software to teach them the challenges of wheelchair movement in cities and other challenging real-world environments.

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