Hand Gesture/Movement Controlled R/C Car

Hacking a cheap R/C car so it can be controlled using hand gestures.

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Hand gesture/movement controlled R/C car built with a few basic parts and a 3D printed handle/platform.

Modified the remote of a cheap R/C that we had lying around to accept commands through hand movement using an Adruino (Mini Pro) and a Gyroscope/Accelerometer. The boards are mounted to a custom 3D printed platform that has two loops on each side for attaching the mounting straps. The mounting straps are the traditional backpack-style, and have an adjuster on the bottom for tightening. The Arduino uses the position of the gyroscope to drop voltage of the directional and/or accelerate buttons based on the platform's position, using left to go left, right to go right, up/tilt to accelerate, and down/drop to stop. A demo and explanation is posted @ -- Cheers!

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    See schematic image for wiring diagram and exact pinouts.

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    Step 2

    See YouTube video for further details on the build:

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ngeren wrote 07/24/2014 at 03:07 point
Added an image showing the wiring and pinout/pins being used.

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ngeren wrote 07/01/2014 at 05:31 point
Thanks Adam. I'd like to rig up a RC plane and use both arms to control it -- maybe that'll be next! I'll update more info soon.

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Adam Fabio wrote 07/01/2014 at 05:27 point
Now this is pretty cool! Thanks for entering The Hackaday Prize ngeren! I'd love to give this project a try - or two - controlling two R/C cars at once would be awesome!
Try to upload some more information when you can - we really could use a schematic of some sort - even hand drawn is fine if you don't have cad software.

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