347.9k 5.2k 74 1.4k
Intelligent home automation hardware and software on a budget which utilizes a full home personal digital assistant and electricity savings
170.3k 2.7k 201 1.2k
Python-powered machine vision modules
Project Owner Contributor



206.1k 2.6k 90 1.1k
An affordable electronics manufacturing system for hobbyists, students, & small businesses. Inspired by RepRap. Powered by OpenPnP/FirePick.
166.6k 2.1k 196 856
Fully stand-alone HF (Shortwave) Software Defined Transceiver & Vector Network Analyzer. Designed for rugged portable use. Highly hackable.
Project Owner Contributor


Michael R Colton

102.6k 2.1k 91 727
Science in your hand. A pocket-sized instrument capable of visualizing and exploring the world around you.
Project Owner Contributor

Open Source Science Tricorder

peter jansen

97.4k 1.5k 96 710
LoFi is a very low cost ($5), small, auto-transmitting module. Preassembled and preprogrammed. Simply attach to your appliances or projects!
Project Owner Contributor


David Cook

140.4k 2.7k 37 671
Secure your Internet, control your data, fight censorship. Bring your autonomous all in one privacy device everywhere.
Project Owner Contributor

Web security everywhere

Arcadia Labs

93.3k 1.6k 37 550
SatNOGS is an open source ground station and network, optimized for modularity, built using affordable tools and resources.
175.4k 2.2k 144 444
The open source 3D Printable Raman Spectrometer using a RaspberryPi and easy to find off the shelf components..
Project Owner Contributor

ramanPi - Raman Spectrometer


139k 806 114 414
A BIG Gas Powered Quadcopter
210.8k 2.7k 23 403
Integration of cheap wireless Arduino sensor nodes with an awesome home automation platform called OpenHAB. Explore interface options.
37.3k 636 50 392
The uRADMonitor is a plug-and-play, low power, self contained radiation monitoring device, connected to a centralised server component.
46.1k 1k 22 390
High Altitude Balloon payload capable of streaming live pictures, gps coordinates, and data telemetry.
Project Owner Contributor



40.2k 689 46 345
Moti is a smart servo that simplifies the design of intricate robots.
Project Owner Contributor

Moti, a smart servo

Nicholas Stedman

63.7k 982 103 339
Project Bionic Yourself (B10N1C) is a small implant for your arm that makes you a bionic-superhero.
Project Owner Contributor

Bionic Yourself V2.0

44k 522 22 301
open hardware interactive midair screen
Project Owner Contributor

Hoverlay II

Moritz Walter

67.9k 1.4k 16 297
ChipWhisperer laughs at your AES-256 implementation. But it laughs with you, not at you.
Project Owner Contributor

ChipWhisperer®: Security Research


69.2k 1.2k 9 292
FarmBot is an open-source CNC farming machine and software package built for small scale, hyper local, DIY food production.
44.2k 1.6k 16 280
Automation framework based on wireless Moteino nodes.
Project Owner Contributor

The Moteino Framework

Felix Rusu

46.1k 637 16 264
A basic radar system makes radar accessible at low cost for experiments with rangefinding & navigation of autonomous aircraft or spacecraft.
Project Owner Contributor

Simple, low-cost FMCW radar

Luke Weston

67.2k 2.7k 18 263
A home security/automation system powered by a raspberry pi central server.
Project Owner Contributor


Chris Jones

40.3k 977 88 257
100% open source robot platform with accessability and affordability in mind: teaching children of all ages about robots & programming
Project Owner Contributor

Stubby the (Teaching) Hexapod

The Big One

34.7k 527 23 238
A BT 4.0 fitness-tracking smart watch for Android+iOS with a 1.5" color OLED display, SD card, NFC, wireless charging, and precision IMU
97.1k 2.1k 13 232
CarPC with unlimited features possibility
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry PI CarPC


44.4k 1.6k 29 210
An affordable Arduino controlled multipurpose laser exposing device. Use it for SLA Printers, PCB Exposing, Laser Harp etc.
Project Owner Contributor


Mario Lukas

48.4k 1.7k 26 209
Cheap, Small, Open Source Servo Controlled Robot Arm
Project Owner Contributor

MeArm - Your Robot


43.2k 449 35 203
A thumb-sized device that plugs into your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch headphones jack and turns your iOS device into a Thermal Camera
Project Owner Contributor

TJ - $99 Thermal Imager

Marius Popescu

50.9k 1.6k 15 201
A program for custom voice commands to the Raspberry Pi. Make your RPi send emails, play videos, check the weather, and more using speech.
Project Owner Contributor

Voice Controlled Raspberry Pi

Steven Hickson

39.4k 663 33 198
Metal parts for people other than blacksmiths. A system to perform aluminium "lost PLA" casting with no propane, and no danger to humans.
Project Owner Contributor

Microwave Aluminium Printing

Julia Longtin

27k 702 44 188
Increase your privacy and security by exchanging short messages securely. Created by members of hackerspace Sector67.
Project Owner Contributor

NSA Away

Scott Hasse

20.6k 406 27 182
An open-source "smart watch" that can be built from easily available parts, and assembled by hand. Designed for hackers
Project Owner Contributor


Jared Sanson

22.6k 1.2k 12 180
An agile radio designed for low power and narrow bandwidths over a wide frequency range.
55.8k 1.8k 25 180
Low cost mesh network, using cheap and readily available components
Project Owner Contributor

MicroMesh - IoT Mesh Network

Giles Burgess

68.4k 1.5k 33 179
Complete anti-theft alarm compatible with any kind of sensors, with RFID recognition, GSM and web server, based on Arduino Mega.
Project Owner Contributor

Arduino anti-theft alarm shield


31.3k 873 27 177
A 3D printer with 4 extruders that can move independently and simultaneously
Project Owner Contributor

Theta Printer

Tyler Anderson

26.7k 379 15 167
A Kossel derivative to show off a new PID control framework and command system called the Bowler Communication System.
Project Owner Contributor


Kevin Harrington

54.2k 868 51 165
How I did to remotely control and monitor my home made Off-grid Photo voltaic System
44.1k 396 45 152
robot lawn mower on steroids
Project Owner Contributor



16.9k 529 17 150
Sometimes I wish messages were more than a bunch of pixels on a screen ...
Project Owner Contributor

SMS Printer


87.8k 557 27 150
A budget 3D printer that is easy to build with basic tools. A closed loop system using optical mice is to be used for greater accuracy.
Project Owner Contributor

Cheap and Easy to Build 3D Printer


18.4k 372 25 149
The one of the most revolutionary inventions of the 20th Century, designed for DIY gene replication. (Now with a working prototype!)
Project Owner Contributor

$5 DNA Replicator


20.8k 1.2k 15 140
A solar energy system up to 500W in power for use with lithium batteries.
Project Owner Contributor

Solar Energy Generator

Nathaniel VerLee

18.1k 238 47 138
Yes - No - Maybe? The goal is to completely step away from the normal binary system and investigate alternative computing systems.
18.5k 1.2k 30 137
This project is a clock with radio receivers which can receive the exact time from the GPS satellites or from the DCF77 transmitter.
24.8k 770 8 134
Harnessing Nature, Linux And A Phone To Feed Ourselves
Project Owner Contributor

Smart Aquaponics

kijani grows

16.9k 284 10 133
Portable and self contained FDM 3D printer designed to be the ideal tool for field hospitals short on supplies and nomadic engineers alike.
30.6k 619 52 132
I will be attempting to build a guided rocket using of the shelf parts
Project Owner Contributor

Guided Rocket


12.8k 499 21 130
an electronics pick-n-place retrofit for 3D printers
Project Owner Contributor

Retro Populator

Eric Boyd

18.5k 234 29 127
Building a digital large format camera
Project Owner Contributor

Large Format Camera


20k 624 18 124
The HMD is bluetooth enabled and compatible with both Linux and Android.
47.2k 1.3k 14 123
Building an open source robot arm for makers and small businesses
Project Owner Contributor

5 Axis Robot Arm

Dan Royer

18.2k 625 12 120
Slim, wireless, self-contained. No special paper, no base station.
Project Owner Contributor

NoteOn Smartpen

Nick Ames

28.2k 443 39 110
Recording weight, hive temperature, and weather data toward better management and understanding of honeybees.
Project Owner Contributor

Honeybee Hive Monitoring

Ken Meyer

26.3k 240 81 110
A device for conducting Nuclear Magnetic Resonance experiments at Earth's field
76.8k 967 14 110
Classic yet original Arcade System built from the ground up, using a Raspberry Pi.
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi Vintage Arcade

Brayden DeVito

12.2k 967 17 107
Measure brain activity with light
Project Owner Contributor

fNIR Brain Imager

Jeremy Ruhland

18.1k 241 12 107
A tiny, sub-$100 8x8 pixel thermal camera with BLE connectivity
Project Owner Contributor

GRID-EYE BLE-capable thermal camera


37.1k 504 9 104
A cheap, yet surprisingly good rendition of a 3D scanner
Project Owner Contributor

3D(ollar) Scanner

Joshua Conway

35k 1k 77 102
Deliver small, accurate amounts of liquid. Good for food engineering, CNCs, and bioscience.
Project Owner Contributor

Open Syringe Pump


15.9k 751 9 98
Minimalist desk clock based around Russian Nixie tubes.
Project Owner Contributor

Obsolete Time


11.5k 1.3k 16 97
A robotic solar-powered surfboard that will travel from LA to Hawaii! It's Arduino-powered, satellite connected, and collects ocean data.
Project Owner Contributor


Rusty Jehangir

19.7k 243 9 96
A super high resolution 9.7" LCD panel with an Arduino compatible adapter that connects to your computer
12.9k 80 20 93
A speaker system for any mobile device. No tools, parts or tinkering necessary.
7.5k 645 5 92
super mario as a hologram? Princess Leia? No problem for voLumen! ................virtual media brought to reality................
15.1k 1.7k 4 89
a hardware version of your crackme and reverseme games for learning hardware reverse engineering techniques without expensive tools
10.7k 140 13 88
A schematic editor for "3D discrete grid-aligned circuits" and building a 1-bit ALU
Project Owner Contributor

Volumetric Circuits!

Anderson Antunes

23.1k 767 8 87
DIY Google glass but done properly
25.2k 174 4 84
This is a small FPGA development board that I am currently designing. Lots of I/O connectivities: HDD,Ethernet,USB,Audio,PS/2,VGA,BLVDS, 5V tolerant
Project Owner Contributor

FPGA Computer/Eval board

K.C. Lee

20k 436 9 84
Basic laser cutter than can be made with standard shop tools.
Project Owner Contributor

Simple DIY laser cutter


16.4k 670 11 83
Internet Connected Aerial Renewable Unmanned System Fully 3D printed
20.8k 367 30 82
A Touchless Gesture Mains AC Dimming Switch
Project Owner Contributor

Air Gesture AC Dimmer/Switch


15.6k 850 2 80
LitePlacer is a Pick and Place machine optimized for prototype assembly. It has optical calibration with two cameras:
26k 530 31 78
The HYDRA is a computing platform using a small footprint Hypervisor to run 1-6 (or more) hardware assisted virtual machines of any x86 OS
Project Owner Contributor

The HYDRA multiheaded virtual computer


10.1k 749 4 77
A heavier duty 3D printer that replaces 3 machines
9.9k 276 8 75
Mini Mill that can be cut using a 3020 laser engraver
Project Owner Contributor

Laser Cut Mini Mill


12.2k 722 6 75
Includes RF detector up to 6GHz and a datalogger
Project Owner Contributor

Handheld 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer


17.2k 1.5k 23 74
Non-intrusive feedback loop for electrical systems.
Project Owner Contributor

Power Monitor


8k 367 7 73
My classic automated window blinds project that integrates into the blinds and is hidden.
Project Owner Contributor

Automated Window Blinds

Home Awesomation

17.3k 195 10 71
Plant Friends is a wireless plant environmental monitor system. It uses the Raspberry Pi and the Moteino and comes with an Android app!
Project Owner Contributor

Plant Friends


8.1k 819 17 71
A flying, distributed wireless mesh network. What could possibly go wrong?
Project Owner Contributor



7.1k 137 6 71
Ram air kites spin a parachute and transfer torque to ground
63.7k 281 5 70
Car computer using Android Tablet as interface and Raspberry Pi as backend (with some Arduinos and Teensies thrown in for good measure)
6.8k 654 3 69
The Sugarcube is a portable controller powered by Arduino that allows you to interact with MIDI and audio in playful and intuitive ways.
39.8k 1.7k 10 69
A system that ties some home automation with various APIs and hardware hacks.
Project Owner Contributor

Sci-fi grade Home Automation


10.8k 294 25 69
Design and build a simple, inexpensive, and manufacturable remote indicator for the most common type of mechanical water meter in use today.
Project Owner Contributor

Remote Water Consumption Display

John Schuch

10.5k 603 6 69
nrf24l01 over-the-air bootloader for different microcontrollers
Project Owner Contributor

rf24boot: The NRF24L01 bootloader


11.9k 130 42 67
A Mobile 3D printer to build Megastructures
Project Owner Contributor



28.7k 770 31 67
BLDC shield for arduino and stand alone controller
Project Owner Contributor



10.5k 963 13 67
A device consisting of a Toshiba TCD1304AP CCD sensor, a Wolfson WM8253 Video ADC, a Parallax Propeller, and an FTDI FT232H USB IC
Project Owner Contributor



19.7k 209 12 66
Wifi or 4g FPV with the Raspberry pi and the camera board
Project Owner Contributor



8.5k 128 7 65
Cassapa is a system to help aiming at pool games. It uses augmented reality to help the player to adjust the cue direction.
Project Owner Contributor

Cassapa - Augmented Reality Pool Game


6.2k 119 14 65
Work in progress: The explorad combines a microcontroller, a display, and star charts in a head-up display for astronomical telescopes.
Project Owner Contributor



12k 144 22 64
Arduino based bicycle computer using open hardware and software logging data on SD card and JS web interface using USBOTG and USBHID
Project Owner Contributor

Open Bicycle Computer


11.6k 456 16 64
Who says CPUs waste energy by producing heat? - It can be used to warm coffee! A USB-driven, temperature-monitored quad-386 coffee heater.
Project Owner Contributor

quad-386 coffee heater


5.1k 607 5 63
3D Printing a Positional Servo Actuator
9.1k 110 14 62
a cheap RF 433.92MHz OOK frame cloner
Project Owner Contributor



25.2k 967 13 62
An Open Source Aquaponics Control System with sensors galore and control of the water valve. With a dashboard, data-logging and alerts too!
Project Owner Contributor


Gareth Coleman

12.6k 364 17 61
A real life player tracking system, that will give users access to a map of everyone else in the area.
Project Owner Contributor

Marauder's Map

John Boyd

16.9k 497 18 61
We are living in the future, Medics now need motorbikes to navigate our congested cities but they no longer need two wheels
Project Owner Contributor

Medicycle - Urban Responder

Nick Thatcher

16.7k 150 9 59
An oppression-proof image acquisition device
Project Owner Contributor



23k 636 5 59
Smart grow room. Fully automatic, Watering, lighting, temperature control. Self adjusting light height and remote control
Project Owner Contributor

Smart Grow Room


17k 816 45 59
Embedded BASIC interpreter for CC2540 and CC2541 Bluetooth LE modules
Project Owner Contributor

BlueBasic: BASIC for Bluetooth

Tim Wilkinson

11.1k 193 8 58
POV as you type is a typewriter way to write on the air in a POV rig and in real time.
11.2k 235 5 58
A fully programmable power strip with energy monitoring and wireless connectivity
Project Owner Contributor



18.7k 159 25 57
A simple and cheap online Camera Robot Based on The MagPi magazine issue no.9. No hectic port forwarding configuration required.
5.2k 289 4 56
A wireless analog/digital multitool & data recorder
Project Owner Contributor


Pierce Nichols

10.9k 665 30 56
Arduino powered rocket stabilization system for mid to high power rockets that gets rid of the pitch over and subsequent downrange flight
10.7k 650 13 56
A low cost Internet of things platform to build your own smart house
5.3k 103 7 55
A small but critical number of minimally complex machines interact with each other, providing machine augmentation of human activity.
Project Owner Contributor

Reactron Overdrive

Kenji Larsen

9.3k 161 7 54
A device to monitor the progress of fermentation (pH, specific gravity, alcohol, temperature)
Project Owner Contributor



14.8k 95 65 54
Gimbaled thrusters, aerospace-grade adhesives, carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers, and inertial measurement units. This is a space project!
Project Owner Contributor



5.4k 470 6 54
The Tinusaur is a small board with ATtiny85 microcontroller and the minimum components to run properly plus shield headers and a battery
Project Owner Contributor

The Tinusaur

Neven Boyanov

7.5k 1k 6 54
An all-in-one buildsystem to rule all microcontrollers
7.6k 172 24 54
A device that uses electricity to propel a projectile at a significant speed.
Project Owner Contributor

Coil Gun/Gaus Cannon


18.4k 150 8 53
OneCharger to rule them all; solar-panel, TEG, dynamo...
Project Owner Contributor



16k 397 2 53
A smart infinity mirror that's also a clock
Project Owner Contributor

Infinity Mirror Clock

Dushyant Ahuja

10.7k 508 4 53
How to hack your car!
9.8k 580 13 52
Cheap, fully automated model train system with 99.9999% 3D printed parts.
11.2k 139 18 52
Christmas, Halloween light string controller that is wireless, 12channel dimmable AC controller, with an AVR for $30
20.5k 638 13 52
Really easy IoT hardware. And cheap too.
Project Owner Contributor

nRFIoT - Easy IoT Sensors


8k 187 12 51
Open fpga image processing
Project Owner Contributor

FPGA Vision


3.9k 113 0 51
A Continuous Glucose Monitor, the Cloud = Life Saving, Life Changing Diabetes Care... for everyone.
Project Owner Contributor

Diabetes Data, Everywhere

John Costik

28k 473 27 51
CANBUS adapter for the Raspberry Pi
Project Owner Contributor



10.7k 900 5 51
An affordable 4/5/6 axis robotic arm design that can be easily made by students/enthusiasts developing for real world interaction.
Project Owner Contributor


Andrew Becker

15k 131 12 50
A home built equatorial mount for my telescope built mostly recycled components I have had lying around.
8.3k 102 7 50
RGB LED Staff, Massive light output. Portable Rave
Project Owner Contributor

Light Staff


7.7k 105 24 49
CPLD-flavored VGA Video card
Project Owner Contributor



8.5k 149 13 49
Using a cheap tire compressor, driven by a stepper motor, to apply solder paste from a syringe and then soldering small wires to components.
7.1k 132 10 49
Who needs bits and bytes to fly a quadcopter.
Project Owner Contributor

Mini Analog Quadcopter


26.4k 1.4k 10 49
Jubito is a home automation hub based on the open source jaNET framework. Can link and interface different objects regardless technology.
7.6k 264 1 49
An alarm clock that provides dawn simulation using your rooms existing lighting
Project Owner Contributor

Integrated Room Sunrise Simulator


6.4k 180 9 48
Wearable Navigation Assistance for the Blind
Project Owner Contributor

Pathfinder - Haptic Navigation

Neil Movva

5.5k 111 5 48
A compact Bluetooth device that acts as a safety net for sleeping type 1 diabetics, detecting hypoglycaemia and calling for help.
10.8k 782 9 47
Meet Andy, a multi-purpose voice controlled humanoid robot built with a Raspberry Pi and a bunch of Servos, brackets, and other great stuff.
17.7k 192 8 47
A completely-open, scratch-built PUMA arm with 24" reach and 1lb payload
2.3k 102 5 46
A credit card sized e-paper device, featuring an ATmega32U4, coin cell Li-Ion battery and charger, real-time clock, buttons, USB, and more!
Project Owner Contributor



19.7k 726 8 46
My project goal is to make internet access for micro controllers dirt cheap and dead simple to implement in your own projects.
13.7k 93 6 45
An Asteroid Shooting Game
Project Owner Contributor



10.8k 204 2 45
A low cost homebrew transponder styled after the Es'hailSat ham payload. S-band to X-Band
Project Owner Contributor

Cheap satellite transponder


14.9k 115 7 44
100% open-source (hardware & software) development/hacker cartridge for the Sega MegaDrive (sold as "Genesis" in the USA)
Project Owner Contributor

USB MegaDrive DevKit


4.3k 321 4 44
Cell phones for Sea Turtles and beyond -- creating an extremely low powered remote data recorder and sensor for monitoring wildlife, etc...
Project Owner Contributor

Turtle Sense

Samuel Wantman

2.4k 1.2k 12 44
Our attempts to create a mesh network, plug-'n'-play product.
Project Owner Contributor

Hardware-orientated mesh networks


7.5k 119 13 43
Multiple nodes detect photons to within nanoseconds to analyze cosmic ray air showers and help solve the Greisen-Zatsepin-Kuzmin paradox.
8.4k 426 7 42
A system that enables multirotors to dock and self recharge which allows them to perform longer autonomous missions
10.7k 879 4 42
We've connected our entire apartment, DIY style.
Project Owner Contributor

Practical Home Automation


7.5k 77 4 42
What if every time you run out of a product, the smart tag on it would instantly add it to your shopping list, at the touch of a button?
17.1k 1.6k 5 42
A high availability Raspberry pi cluster for home automation purposes. Simple, low on energy, but very stable.
5.6k 450 4 41
Pip-Watch (Personal Information Panel) is an open-source smart watch with an ePaper display, a bluetooth modem, and a Li-Ion accumulator.
Project Owner Contributor



3.6k 376 5 41
Cosmic ray detector works by detecting muons which are a by-product of cosmic rays hitting our atmosphere.
15.5k 117 28 41
automotive parameter & performance monitor & logger
Project Owner Contributor


Michael O'Brien

5.8k 597 5 40
This project's goal was to make a vest that a visually impaired or gamer could use when moving around in their environment(real or virtual).
14.9k 151 10 40
Adding digital to a stamp. Print anything anywhere on any plane, inkjetable surface.
Project Owner Contributor

Digital Stamp with Inkjet Printing


3.7k 450 29 40
New laser, DIY chip fab, hollowed out mountain & space ship, terraform Venus with orbital atmospheric heater, backyard nucleosynthesis
Project Owner Contributor

Homebrew space exploration program


10.8k 96 6 40
A Party Machine that makes drink Fast. Simply place your cup at any of 5 locations and a pre-programmed recipe will dispense into your cup.
Project Owner Contributor

The RumBot


32.5k 1.5k 5 40
Easy to configure & use wireless home automation network including a central station and various low-power nodes.
Project Owner Contributor


Arcadia Labs

3.9k 436 9 39
A real-time programmable cartridge for the Commodore 64
Project Owner Contributor

C64 Flash Cart

Stian Soreng

7.3k 155 3 39
HAL 9000 my favorite computer
Project Owner Contributor

HAL 9000

Eduardo Zola

6.4k 114 2 38
Control your robot with Skype API
Project Owner Contributor

Skype robot


6.1k 641 6 38
Divergence is a wearable EMF detector that provides haptic and sonic feedback of the electromagnetic sources that surround us.
Project Owner Contributor



5.9k 77 34 38
Let's use some rotary to linear movements to display things in 3D. I have no idea if this will work, but hey, I'm gonna try it anyways...
4.9k 588 2 37
A completely open hardware and open source software cell phone
Project Owner Contributor

Open Source Cell Phone


3.8k 64 6 37
Play Zork on your TV with an Arduino.
Project Owner Contributor



4k 69 2 37
Give old hardware a new life. Open source hack for the brother knitting machines KH-9xx
Project Owner Contributor

AYAB - all yarns are beautiful


2.8k 661 15 37
The eye-controlled manual focusing of a microscope.
Project Owner Contributor



8.2k 143 10 36
Wearable breakout boards. Flex Modules have 2.54mm castellations for breadboard and solder on to wearable flexible PCBs
Project Owner Contributor

Flex Modules

Chris Hamilton

3.1k 128 7 36
A reflow oven controller that gives you precise and user friendly control over the reflow parameters.
Project Owner Contributor

Precision Reflow Oven Controller

John Boyd

6.2k 126 4 35
A collection of low cost and hand built weather sensors for personal and educational use, posting data online.
Project Owner Contributor

Modular Weather Station


2.1k 200 3 35
A dedicated HAB platform with 2-way communications via that can be used to experiment low cost space launch technologies.
Project Owner Contributor

The Rockoon


5.3k 710 2 34
A single-board computer kit with a 6502 controlled by a Propeller.
1.4k 76 4 34
Vectr is an open source 3D sensing controller and sequencer for modular synthesizers or anything you can dream up.
4.2k 466 8 34
The design of a low cost, quasi nano-scale, Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), using 3d printing and open-source software.
6.2k 613 1 34
High quality, low cost desktop CNC router
Project Owner Contributor

Makesmith CNC


3.2k 133 3 33
Very simple way of adding internet connectivity to a project. Serial data going in gets relayed to a server and you get the response out
4.6k 630 7 33
A network of household objects developing personalities and opinions as they chat about the weather.
Project Owner Contributor

A society of things


3k 92 0 33
Open Source, Modular, Flexible Manufacturing System "We are to Manufacturing, What the PC was to Mainframes"
Project Owner Contributor



3.3k 1.1k 17 33
Small, easy to use, cheap ZigBee developement board for the internet of things.
Project Owner Contributor

NANDfarm => RFarmer

Radu Constantin

5.4k 104 8 33
Modernization of the Apollo Guidance Computer
Project Owner Contributor

Open Source DSKY

Viva Penguinos

6.5k 333 3 33
An antenna tracker that adjusts for real-time changes in location, tilt & heading. It replaces a 915MHz 3DR ground radio module.
Project Owner Contributor

Smart Antenna Tracker


6.4k 336 10 32
A bluetooth 4.0 device to open and close the doors, trunk and start the car.
Project Owner Contributor



10.6k 625 17 31
General purpose low cost handheld terminal with screen/kbd, wifi, barcode and RFID reader for industrial or commercial (or any other) use
Project Owner Contributor

Data Collection Terminal


5.9k 74 4 31
I have been putting a system together for the past few years to do different kinds of deposition.
Project Owner Contributor

Vacuum System for Deposition

Jerry Biehler

4.6k 357 15 31
Digitabulum is an open motion-capture glove that was intended to be a full-featured, hacker-friendly user-input and sensor platform.
4.5k 362 7 31
A delta-bot making hand brew coffee (oh, the irony).
Project Owner Contributor


Elias Bakken

3k 86 4 30
Reducing waste by not just storing objects, but remembering and generating information about them.
Project Owner Contributor

Desktop Warehouse

Owen Trueblood

2.8k 90 7 30
An acoustic 'touchscreen' interface that can be easily attached to a variety of surfaces.
3.2k 61 4 30
Communication platform: Text can be felt, as it is expressed
Project Owner Contributor

Neotype: Haptic Computing


3.3k 296 20 30
A solar powered autonomous submarine that explores and measures the ocean at night, and posts the results to Twitter and Facebook by day.
Project Owner Contributor



4.6k 57 3 29
Homemade iPhone
Project Owner Contributor


Michele Gruppioni

6.3k 167 11 29
An 8-bit computer based around an AVR ATMega-644 and junk-box SRAM.
Project Owner Contributor


Mark Sherman

8.2k 929 11 29
Home security project based on atmega and ardunio. MQTT gateway for data gathering.
Project Owner Contributor

Home security


5.8k 356 0 29
A UAV platform that doesn't cost millions of dollars
Project Owner Contributor

BeagleBone Black Flight Computer

John Boyd

4.3k 522 5 28
The wireless customizable low-cost home automation solution
Project Owner Contributor

Cumulus Wireless Sensor Platform


10.3k 120 16 28
Most homes have rooms that are too hot or cold and waste power. This project is an open source/community to solve that problem thru zoning.
2k 769 2 28
An experiment in group machine intellegence (Or lack thereof...)
Project Owner Contributor

The Emergence Project

Greg Daneau

4.6k 55 23 28
Autonomous buoy network for a slalom-ski course connected to your ski, deployed by simply throwing it all overboard.
Project Owner Contributor

Intelligent Ski-Course


8.2k 620 16 27
A awesome not really pocket sized but still pretty small portable raspberry pi with arduino project.
Project Owner Contributor

pi/arduino portable computer


14.8k 551 1 27
Smart Cap consists of a monocular head mounted display and supports voice recognition and first person video streaming.
Project Owner Contributor

Smart Cap

Arvind Sanjeev

5.5k 42 8 27
Create a magnetic 4 watt high power LED head lamp for applications like longboards out of an old hard disk drive for less than 25 $.
Project Owner Contributor

The Beamboarder


4.1k 76 7 27
Open, Universal, Reliable Transport Ticketing.
Project Owner Contributor



4.2k 82 6 27
A modular platform for developing and trading guitar (and other) audio effects. Focus on, but not limited to, pure analog signal path.
Project Owner Contributor

Open Source Analog Effects Pedal


16.5k 98 4 27
What if you could experience and interact with the world like animals do.
Project Owner Contributor

Animal Interaction

Drap & Design

2.3k 104 0 27
Ultra small lab power supply with digital control.
Project Owner Contributor

DPS201: Lab PSU


4k 65 1 27
created in response to the cheap, disposable, useless electronic toys that children and parents are often inundated with.
8.8k 472 12 26
Low power, wireless device that informs user of regular mail.
Project Owner Contributor

Snail Mail Notifier


8.7k 55 2 26
An Arduino based project to convert an old broken ZX Spectrum computer in to a USB keyboard.
Project Owner Contributor

ZX Keyboard

Alistair MacDonald

3.6k 70 4 26
Creating a small, autonomous robot to keep solar panel installations clean.
4.4k 84 3 25
A networked 1-wire controller
Project Owner Contributor



7.3k 1.6k 5 25
QubeCast Max is a high powered radio module for PocketQube Satellites, HAB payloads, or anything that needs a small radio transciever.
Project Owner Contributor

QubeCast Max


2.1k 192 1 25
I'm building a 3d printer which makes things out of steel.
Project Owner Contributor

3D Steel Printer


3.6k 1.4k 6 25
Easily scalable home automation solution using RF SoC
4k 197 10 25
A flexible signal generator based on the AD9914 DDS chip. Striving for lab-quality noise figures and supreme flexibility.
Project Owner Contributor

GHz Signal Generator

Logan Cummings

6.6k 380 3 25
Tools and information to build an internet of things that doesn't suck. Do it yourself!
Project Owner Contributor

DIY Device Cloud


3.9k 763 4 25
Modular. Portable. Powerful. DIY. The ultimate Arduino interface for your robots, UAVs, 3D-printers and everything else you can dream of
7.5k 93 8 25
Arduino with an Ethernet shield is used to send an email to let you know when the external IP address of your internet connection changes
Project Owner Contributor

External IP Address Tracker


4k 136 10 24
Control DMX equipment, such as lights, from a TI-84
2.3k 195 45 24
Open source POV bike lights controlled by Android over Bluetooth
Project Owner Contributor

Bike Lightning


9.9k 127 4 24
A Raspberry Pi based distributed file and service platform.
Project Owner Contributor

Home Cloud


1.2k 362 1 24
Family of one feet tall spirits who react to human presence and are radio connected to each other.
Project Owner Contributor

Spirits of the city - 街霊

Felix Raimundo

5.2k 89 6 24
Create Drone Apps
Project Owner Contributor


Tihomir Nedev

1.8k 453 4 23
Take samples from an antenna, mounted to a robot that looks shockingly like a 3D printer, running slightly modified Marlin
1.7k 39 9 23
Accessibility robot, bringing confidence and safety to those who have difficulties cutting food
Project Owner Contributor

Automatic Food Slicer Robot

Erin RobotGrrl

1.6k 1.1k 2 23
Automated intravenous medication and blood sampling
Project Owner Contributor

Hack your blood vessels! ;-)


2.1k 64 4 23
A tilt and touch activated wristwatch using a "retro" style bubble 7 segment display.
Project Owner Contributor

Tilt Touch Time


5.7k 206 1 23
Robot that finds and collects bottles to recycle them.
Project Owner Contributor

Autonomous bottle recycling robot


8.5k 102 3 23
Make your intrisic fiber-optic sensor system at home, using your mbed/arduino, RaspberryPI and cheap optical fibers
Project Owner Contributor

DIY fiber optic sensors


1.2k 698 3 22
A belt that tells you where to go using haptic feedback.
Project Owner Contributor

Wayfinder Belt


2.5k 515 13 22
DC motors can drive CNC machines too!
Project Owner Contributor

CV closeloop CNC


3.1k 457 7 22
A cheap open-source 4ch wireless ptz alarm controller
2.6k 89 5 22
1 Desktop machine , easily upgradable to do what you need to finish your project without wasting tons of space on multiple machines
1.3k 53 0 22
Machine knit working circuit boards from downloadable digital patterns
Project Owner Contributor

Circuit Knitting

Jesse Seay

5.6k 30 2 22
Taking the idea of a unity candle to the next level
Project Owner Contributor

Unity Candle


2.1k 718 0 21
A system to monitor shared washing machines in a house(hold) that notifies you when your machine is finished or one becomes available.
Project Owner Contributor


Professor Fartsparkles

3k 70 0 21
OpenGen – AD9850 DDS module based waveform generator which generates sine & square waves up to 42.5MHz and is completely self contained.
1.9k 281 0 21
Detects. Aims. Shoots. Talks! Complete functional replica, able to shoot water (for the summer) or airsoft pellets (for the winter)
3.8k 56 6 21
F-1 Electric Race Car
Project Owner Contributor

FSAE 2014 Electric Race Car

Richard Johnson

1.7k 60 6 20
When was the last time you heard of a smart road? The goal is to make a road that a car can gather information from.
Project Owner Contributor

RFID Road Reflectors


9.5k 80 9 20
Automated, Bluetooth connected, high power RGB LED light with automatic luminosity matching, motion detection and more...
Project Owner Contributor

Automated Smart Light


3.5k 336 12 20
A chromatic tuner for musical instruments in a pocket-watch form factor. Perfect for the classy musician.
Project Owner Contributor

Pokey Watch


4.8k 410 3 20
sat.Send is a small device that allows you to send and receive messages and share your GPS location no matter where you are.
Project Owner Contributor


John Grant

1k 37 3 20
A whimsical bike-to-bike navigator for burning man
Project Owner Contributor

Hide and Seek


8.8k 561 0 19
This system decides how much water your plants need according to its sensors and internet weather stations and controls a pump to water them
Project Owner Contributor

Autonomous watering system


2.8k 90 1 19
A simple way to check the output of your solar PV system.
Project Owner Contributor

Solar Monitoring System (SMS)


2.9k 640 4 19
A pick and place machine optimized for small runs of different boards. Up/down looking cameras. Large number of feeders. Fast. Web interface
Project Owner Contributor

Pick and place machine


4.1k 1.8k 10 19
Automating everything in a room for less than $50.
Project Owner Contributor

Poor Man's Home Automation

Milkey Mouse

2.4k 51 1 19
Fly paper! (formally called papyrus) A Quadcopter frame make out of paper for less than .20 cents Weight 61 grams!
1.4k 39 10 19
A robot vacuum cleaner that ex-ter-mi-nates dust.
Project Owner Contributor



1.5k 912 1 19
The Arc printer is a rapid printing 3D printer with minimal moving parts designed to print objects in minutes not hours.
Project Owner Contributor

Arc Printer


495 499 4 19
A pair of communication devices to be worn by a child and adult for use in finding eachother.
Project Owner Contributor

Mommy Button


3.2k 346 5 19
Ultra low power "LCDuino" gadget to wake up a CHD controlled canon P&S camera at sunrise/sunset everyday (or any computable time interval).
2.7k 640 4 19
An interactive particle accelerator which utilizes a inductively coupled RF ion source for beam-on-target fusion research.
2.2k 283 11 19
If your heart stops, your phone automatically transmits your location to Emergency Services. Open-Source, of course!
Project Owner Contributor

Lifeguard - A & E Autodialler


3.4k 1.5k 4 18
... Keeping his inside conditions to take care of plants.
Project Owner Contributor

Smart Small Greenhouse

Juan Sandubete

3.4k 36 1 18
over the last few years, i've build up a functional laser interferometer. now i want to use it to accurately measure distance.
3.5k 232 3 18
Fully functional POCSAG (beeper/pager) network
Project Owner Contributor

Osomcom POCSAG


4.5k 174 7 18
A ZRTP Hardphone for secure voice communications
Project Owner Contributor

ZRTP Hardphone


2.3k 48 5 18
A watch with an old-school HPDL-2416 display. It is driven by ATmega16.
Project Owner Contributor

HPDL watch


1.6k 42 4 18
Project Owner Contributor

Tetris in your hands

Eduardo Zola

4.2k 57 1 18
A wearable computer based off a raspberry pi and a hacked monocular display
Project Owner Contributor

Wearable computer


881 338 4 18
Shelved this one to work on other things - kept for sentimental reasons
Project Owner Contributor

Kwese - musical instrument


4.3k 80 4 18
Motor control/monitor system for a fully featured EV (bike, board, etc), >1KW 3phase motor control, Android control interface and hardware.
Project Owner Contributor



2.2k 175 5 18
CalcHack is a project to add missing features to graphic calculators. It adds many exciting functions students wanted for a long time.
Project Owner Contributor


Sean Dylan Goff

1k 526 0 17
Control your rocket, Drive your sub, Launch your missile. Control your world with the all in one do it all Control-O –Matic.
Project Owner Contributor


Scott Gillins

1.4k 222 6 17
A simple device that lights up whenever the ISS is overhead.
Project Owner Contributor

ISS Overhead

Cat Haines

2.4k 68 3 17
Add Widgets to Your Arduino Designs
Project Owner Contributor


Shehzad Nazir

2k 43 1 17
Its a 3d printed Mobile robot for STEM education. Just 3d print model files, install Ardublock and start learning about programming robots!
1.4k 878 3 17
3D printer using a laser to melt the material on a semi stationary bed with minimal components.
Project Owner Contributor

Toner/Laser 3D Printer


1.5k 65 6 17
The aim is to design a shield for the Arduino that measures the most popular physical values, with easy data acquisition.
Project Owner Contributor


3.4k 259 8 17
Remote Grill temperature controller with water pump and Bluetooth 4.0
Project Owner Contributor



1.8k 1k 8 17
Sun Tracking, Charging, Cooling , Monitoring, Relay control. for my small solar panel installation.
Project Owner Contributor

SAM - Solar Automation Machine.


5.6k 426 5 17
Use this sensor-loaded glove to precisely and intuitively control any model aircraft. Heck, control everything!
1.6k 783 5 17
Control your computer with an IR remote
3.4k 933 5 16
I'm tired of flying insects and chasing after them....
Project Owner Contributor

Lazy Killer 9000


7.3k 1.3k 4 16
Reef tank controller used to monitor various parameters such as temp and pH, and also control equipment such as pump and lights.
Project Owner Contributor

AquaPic - Aquarium Controller

Skyler Brandt

2.2k 1k 0 16
ARM Cortex-M4 with browser-based Lua Development Environment. Provides an ideal software and hardware platform for your next project.
Project Owner Contributor

Screvle - Lua Web IDE

Ronald Vanschoren

2k 70 3 16
Satellite platform that complies with the CubeSat standard with a BOM cost of <$1K (USD)
Project Owner Contributor



3.2k 715 8 16
The Arduino Pi is a single board computer based on Arduino platform.
1.2k 335 15 16
I wanted a "never set" clock, so I made one using a VFD and Ethernet NTP.
Project Owner Contributor



2.1k 739 4 16
Project R(rrrr) is a low-budget research robot for the rest of us.
Project Owner Contributor

Project R


3.1k 535 1 16
Stop wasting time and money on expensive coaxial cable and put the whole radio right at the antenna feedpoint!
Project Owner Contributor

Ethernet to Radio Adapter


780 508 1 16
just a test platform to try out a few ideas on
Project Owner Contributor

biped test bed


1.3k 737 2 16
Wristband that takes in heart rate and music data and creates responsive light show. Share Your Light!
4.2k 553 4 16
Sibling of the infamous Rail Gun, a coil gun launches ferrous projectiles at high velocities, that can seriously damage anything in its way!
Project Owner Contributor

Coil Gun

Arvind Sanjeev

8k 67 4 16
A voice controlled automatic loose-leaf tea-brewer for fine teas
Project Owner Contributor


James P.

5.4k 904 1 15
Clock build from IV-18 VFD tube and Arduino
Project Owner Contributor

IV-18 Arduino Clock

Will Whang

3k 674 4 15
HF Rx SDR cape for the BeagleBoneBlack based on the SoftRock RXII
6.7k 63 5 15
A (relatively) cheap little board for experimenting with HDMI using a Spartan-6 FPGA
1.6k 538 1 15
A highly responsive wind controller with expressive continuous push buttons based on linear hall-effect sensors - A musical IoT device -
4.7k 799 5 15
A touch-less, streaming radio/alarm clock
1.6k 496 7 15
A module in CPU pipelines that'll end all of the troubles related to the sequential nature of instruction execution, by means of Time Travel
886 50 0 15
A low-cost monitor for many simultaneous fermentation vessels.
Project Owner Contributor

Heimdalr, Multi-Mead-Watcher


1.6k 56 4 15
An efficient mobile charger that shows the exact SOC (State of Charge) by learning.
Project Owner Contributor

Smart Mobile Charger

Łukasz Przeniosło

1.6k 466 3 15
Smart wifi connected motion tracker & iOS app with a personality!
6k 773 0 15
Open source universal infrared remote control based upon the STM8S microcontroller with oooodles of connectivity options.
Project Owner Contributor

OpenIR - Infrared Remote Control


791 456 0 15
Connect your everything to all your other everything!
Project Owner Contributor



4.4k 107 1 15
From slow single hotend semi accurate 3D Printer to fast and accurate dual hotend 3D Printer.
6.4k 75 3 15
A brewing platform that turns malt, hops and water into fermentable wort. Yeast takes care of the rest and then we have beer!
Project Owner Contributor

CERVOMEC Brewing System


776 871 2 15
Advanced multi-tool desktop factory based on OpenRail.
Project Owner Contributor


Matthew (mirage335) Hines

1.7k 305 2 15
This is a project to create superhuman hearing for everyone, finally we too can get annoyed by parking sensors and listen to bats!
Project Owner Contributor



1.1k 55 0 14
Inductive Loop Detector works by detecting an inductance change in wire loop (coil) that is buried in pavement.
Project Owner Contributor

Inductive Loop Vehicle Detector


2.7k 285 2 14
Speculating on the details of real-time murders in Venezuela. Art Installation
Project Owner Contributor

Murder Machine


1.4k 400 1 14
There is simply not enough blinking LEDs in this world.
Project Owner Contributor


Peter G

1.3k 38 2 14
Stabilizing temperature around a home efficiently when heating/cooling is not required
Project Owner Contributor

HVAC auto circulation


3.1k 52 9 14
Rotating perforated disk counter-flow heat exchanger maintains indoor temperature while exchanging fresh outdoor air.
1.8k 38 7 14
Glanceable information displayed on a LCD screen powered by a atmega328 and feed from a internet connected raspberry pi
Project Owner Contributor



2.3k 891 2 14
A new algebraic machine cognition model and a novel machine vision architecture
1.2k 49 5 14
The Ramrod Tool Sorter is a machine that sorts and stores small tools for easy access and cataloging. Uses OpenCV and Open Hardware.
Project Owner Contributor


Blue Ice

2k 57 0 14
Tiny PID controller to control the temperature of anything!
Project Owner Contributor



2.3k 209 2 14
An open source development platform focused on Biomedical Instrumentation, Analog IO, and DSP.
Project Owner Contributor


Adam Vadala-Roth

1.3k 298 2 14
MIDI controllable vibrator creating beautiful tonal interference in instrument pickups
1.7k 140 2 14
Based on Arduino Leonardo this extended thermometer brings some neat features to temperature measuring :)
Project Owner Contributor

Mini Temperature Logger

Łukasz Przeniosło

1.1k 39 3 14
A completely modular and upgradeable entry-level test and measurement system
Project Owner Contributor

Poor-Students Electronic Bench


4.7k 31 1 14
An budget add-on box to convert a stick welder to a TIG welder. This project aims to produce a low current TIG welder for <£100
Project Owner Contributor

Stick / TIG converter


3.4k 1.4k 3 14
audio spectrum analyzer
Project Owner Contributor

AVR spectrum analyzer


2k 794 1 14
We've taken a simple CNC base and are writing a python code that can generate CAD drawings based on your needs. ~$100 build.
482 95 1 14
Wobble Wobble is a connected balance board which is a vehicle of transport through a virtual world. Status: proof of concept completed.
Project Owner Contributor

Wobble Wobble

Sophi Kravitz

1.6k 49 8 14
65C02-based SBC with a discreet-part servo controller and ADC intended as a intermediate-skill learning tool.
Project Owner Contributor

6502sbc Robot


6.9k 1.1k 0 14
A control panel for increasing the realism of Kerbal Space Program with manual control, autopilot scripts, and multiplayer mission control.
1.1k 441 5 14
Prototype of my color handheld Arduino gaming for under $20.
Project Owner Contributor

Color Handheld Gamer Prototype


2.3k 176 3 14
Answering the question: Why aren't there more robotic hovercrafts?
Project Owner Contributor

Cardboard Hovercraft Robot


2.2k 356 7 14
A BoosterPack that turns a TI Launchpad into a fully functional robot!
Project Owner Contributor



2.1k 208 2 14
I purchased a tiny WiFi router from Indiegogo. Time for an IoT Pet Rock
Project Owner Contributor

WiFi Rocks


879 532 0 13
A common connection format for hardware peripherals for multiple development platforms.
Project Owner Contributor

MakerMod System


6.5k 1.1k 4 13
A monster flashlight containing a 100W 8500Lm led with big heatsinks and batteries. With morse function to tell the night goodbye.
1.4k 368 1 13
Smartphone data logger for meters and sensors created by Christiania Nabovarme
Project Owner Contributor



1.8k 420 9 13
Mooltipass alternative with unprecedented security, full compatible with your favourite websites and browser.
1.7k 75 0 13
3D Printer using 1080p DLP projector, large 14" linear motion slide and a horizontally sliding VAT
Project Owner Contributor

3D DLP Printer with Sliding Vat


1.1k 43 3 13
GPL engine control unit (ECU)
Project Owner Contributor


Andrey B

638 39 0 13
open-source digital knitting
Project Owner Contributor


Gerard Rubio

1.5k 1.4k 0 13
Internet of Things rapid prototyping platform.
Project Owner Contributor

Aquila IoT Platform


2.9k 42 2 13
A thermal cycler currently being developed for use as a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) machine
1.7k 545 7 13
Chording in space for easier control and input , an older idea for the new era.
Project Owner Contributor

Chordy KEY


2.9k 792 1 13
Soccer table with touch screens, online score registration and RGB strips
Project Owner Contributor

IoT featured soccer table

Thomas Jespersen

4.9k 274 5 13
USB trackball mouse controller inspired by Caleb's
Project Owner Contributor

Mouse Controller Project


1.5k 56 5 13
Video in anything out - this project is an FPGA multitool for easily connecting anything to your PC's video port.
Project Owner Contributor



4.7k 98 10 13
A chip timing device to measure your time on trails/hiking, interfacing with a cellphone through bluetooth
1.7k 56 3 13
This is a non-invasive breath detector, lungs thermometer and other breath parameters logger
Project Owner Contributor

How are you? Errr... are you alive?


1.5k 54 4 13
"lua-stick" is a development-tool-free embedded hardware platform. All you need is a text editor to connect virtually anything to your PC.
Project Owner Contributor



5.4k 713 2 13
A translucent wall with custom shelves, a waterfall feature, and remotely-controllable lighting
2.9k 500 4 13
Small robot arm based on common hobby servos and pipe supplies.
Project Owner Contributor

Robot arm

Rue Mohr

1.2k 1.2k 0 12
A networked room that changes its appearance to simulate any environment.
1.9k 39 1 12
RC Truck + 4G Modem + RaspberryPi + Arduino + Webcam/Mic + Speakers + 4" Monitor
1.7k 1.9k 4 12
CASTLE is a home automation hub that runs your house for you, letting you do what you want to do.
1.6k 42 25 12
Lets imagine a cheap core for all your breadboard µC Projects.
Project Owner Contributor

The Atmega Hearth


1.1k 365 4 12
Pablo is an open source social robot.
Project Owner Contributor



1.2k 219 2 12
Keeping and eye on my crazy chickens
Project Owner Contributor

What the Chook?

Steve Dalton

743 44 2 12
Its a clip. That beeps. The Knowhere is a radio connected device that ensures you will never lose anything again.
Project Owner Contributor



2.1k 1k 3 12
Project Owner Contributor

Bluetooth controllable led lightbar


1.2k 496 1 12
BTTF Display and MP3 alarm clock. Configured by Infrared remote control.
Project Owner Contributor

Back to the Future Alarm Clock

Eduardo Zola

2.7k 312 6 12
An open source, hackable, extendable, powerful universal remote with IR, Bluetooth and a low power ARM micro as a base.
10.2k 74 11 12
An easy to build wireless data logger that I'm using to analyze mountain bike suspension performance
Project Owner Contributor

DIY Data Logger


3.7k 45 2 12
Makes doughnuts, fries and onion rings. More foods to come. Low cost and open source.
Project Owner Contributor

uArm Vending Machine

Svavar Konradsson

852 53 5 12
A non-toxic, lead-free car starter battery to operate for at least 10 years.
390 733 0 12
(personal ambient space sensor) humidity, pressure and temperature logger
Project Owner Contributor


Don Smith

3.7k 57 3 11
Low Cost, Fast response time between IR camera and a microprocessor. This provides rapid real-time tracking capability.
Project Owner Contributor

Open IR Tracking Module

Eric Jacob

7.6k 1k 3 11
Simple circuit for light show
Project Owner Contributor

LED strip flashing to music


555 439 8 11
Raspberry Pi based, portable security ir camera with IR motion detector
Project Owner Contributor

IR Activated IrDVR


1.3k 655 1 11
An agricultural/horticultural automation and monitoring network for small to large scale production.
Project Owner Contributor

Growing of Things (GoT)


543 442 0 11
Goal: Spend less than $100 on a remote control robot and make it in less than 24 hours.
Project Owner Contributor

Tiny Tim


925 31 1 11
Connects a MIDI keyboard to an analogue synthesizer
Project Owner Contributor



1.5k 47 3 11
EgyDuino is an Arduino compatible board , Atmega8 USB interface , single side board , TH design , ATmega328 chip , Serial monitor
Project Owner Contributor


Dr Ayman Shalaby

1k 352 0 11
Real racing in a real world
Project Owner Contributor


Frederico Sobreira

1.5k 42 3 11
Intuitive, robust exoskeleton on a budget
Project Owner Contributor


Soo-Hyun Yoo

708 38 1 11
The easiest possible, high precision, affordable mold maker for home use.
Project Owner Contributor



916 50 1 11
This is a easy to assemble tablet that has an simple and powerful power system for usability and compatibility.
Project Owner Contributor

Modular Tablet


4.6k 150 8 11
An unholy marriage of an Arduino, an ATX power supply and a Raspberry Pi.
Project Owner Contributor



568 16 4 11
A Completely Useless and Pointless 8-bit home-brew computer
Project Owner Contributor



2.1k 145 8 11
A low-cost microscope stage automation solution that enables large scale image montages with relative ease.
Project Owner Contributor

Stagmo: Microscope Stage Automator


6.5k 643 0 11
Modular low cost building blocks for home automation and other control systems.
Project Owner Contributor

Low Cost Home Automation


5.3k 50 1 11
Project Owner Contributor



5.7k 467 10 11
Open source (software and hardware) DC motor controller for electric gates
Project Owner Contributor



3.2k 974 3 11
433MHz transceiver for texting and radio control with your smartphone
Project Owner Contributor

433MHz Texting and Controller


1.6k 30 1 11
Open layout for modular prototyping with attiny 24/44/84's and 25/45/85's
Project Owner Contributor



582 44 0 11
brand new ws2811 Lib for stm32F4 which uses DMA heavily | 68x42 60fps Video over USB
Project Owner Contributor



3k 23 3 11
A replacement handle for a paintball marker so you can easily mount it on vehicles, robots or turrets
Project Owner Contributor

Paintball Marker Mount

Nathan Gray

1.5k 666 3 11
This project will be a platform for internet connected PSoC 4 devices.
1.1k 372 2 11
A low-cost (~$10), self-contained, swarm-ready, Arduino-compatible, mesh-networked, open-source, open-hardware, useless ROBOT!!
Project Owner Contributor


[ E C C 0 ]

4.2k 690 1 11
A network of low power sensor nodes in the garden, and possibly some automation as well.
1.5k 858 2 11
Arduino shield (will work standalone also) which would print on a thermal paper. Serial, USB and Ethernet communication, open source.
2.1k 452 3 11
I know, a cheesy name - an AVR ATMega8 tachometer, with external sensors and a good design experience.
912 1.3k 0 11
Wearable token providing seamless & secure authentication
Project Owner Contributor


Chris Finn

4.8k 38 5 11
Project Owner Contributor

Firefighter Pump Training System


762 50 0 10
Wireless EEG/ECG data logger device with capacitive electrodes - ideal for home researchers or for simple health checking.
Project Owner Contributor

EEG/ECG data logger for home

Fehér Áron

1.1k 270 2 10
RF hardware running OpenBTS to allow SMS messages to be sent long-range over non-GSM spectrum frequencies.
Project Owner Contributor

Radio Gaga


4.3k 1k 0 10
Home automation system with video surveillance that indicates state by tweet.
1k 245 2 10
A retro style Wirst Watch with a LED segment Display. Receiving time over DCF77 and personal reminders over a hacked/modified DCF77 signal.
Project Owner Contributor

Smart DCF77 Wirst Watch


751 457 3 10
21st century spin on a early 20th century product.
Project Owner Contributor

Project Zenith


762 26 0 10
Mobile Oscilloscope consisting of analog front end probe with Bluetooth connectivity to Android device.
Project Owner Contributor

Bluetooth Mobile Oscilloscope


618 48 2 10
Small, general purpose development boards for connecting sensors to an IPv6 network
Project Owner Contributor

6lowpan home sensors

Matthew Wilkes

773 581 2 10
To create a robotic arm and hand, controlled by a user input, and powered by a solar collector.
4.1k 51 7 10
An etch a sketch type controller for CNC machinery
Project Owner Contributor



1.8k 400 3 10
Embed sensors into your toilet to monitor your health daily
Project Owner Contributor

Hospital in a Toilet

Evan Dougal

2.2k 44 0 10
Mobile Gaming
1.8k 310 0 10
I'm building a system to aid me learning sheet music. Instead of the usual sheet music paper, we have an interactive screen.
3k 836 1 10
An implementation of a Simultaneous Location and Mapping algorithm for the Sparki robot to be used in middle or high school robotics classes
Project Owner Contributor

Sparki SLAM


3.3k 308 0 10
Launch model rockets with a smartphone and Raspberry Pi.
Project Owner Contributor

Smartphone Rocket Launcher

Lewis Callaway

1.6k 908 3 10
Network Power Distribution Unit with Sequencing
Project Owner Contributor

Network PDU-S


633 46 4 10
Open Source Soldering Iron
Project Owner Contributor

Open Iron


1.4k 363 4 10
CAN controlled hobby servo
Project Owner Contributor



1.4k 28 8 10
Rebuild of a 400W Lumonics laser welder from 1986. The original Anorad control died about 12 years ago and has sat ever since.
Project Owner Contributor

Laser Welder Retrofit

Jerry Biehler

315 37 1 10
A low-cost redesign of a typical apartment bedroom into a fully-functional hackerspace
Project Owner Contributor

Connected Bedroom Hackspace


761 27 5 10
A high-voltage power supply and high-bandwidth pulser
Project Owner Contributor



712 35 0 10
An open source adaptive hearing aid
Project Owner Contributor

Hear Hear

Liam Marshall

736 545 4 10
An Audio Cube (Dice) that can audibly signal which side it has landed on.
Project Owner Contributor

Audio Cube

David Watts

1.4k 42 5 10
I just wanted to make some night shots, but commercially available triggers are too expensive, so I decided to make my own RF-enabled device
Project Owner Contributor

Low cost RF camera trigger


1.3k 151 0 10
solar-powered, wifi-connected, smarter gardens
Project Owner Contributor



711 35 3 10
This is an humidity and temperature sensor created using an Arduino Uno, a DHT11 sensor and the Ethernet shield to log data to a WEB Page.
2k 49 3 10
Check the water level in your water tank (If you live in a third world country like me) without having to climb to your roof
Project Owner Contributor

Water tank level sensor

José Miguel Díaz

1.5k 394 2 10
For years i wanted to make a humanoid robot. I am presenting my first milestone here - robot can walk in straight line.
Project Owner Contributor

10DOF humanoid robot

Jure Tuta

719 824 0 10
Nature (solar & wave) powered open source drift bottles will be long life low cost agents to help provide data for crowdsourcing ocean study
Project Owner Contributor

Smart Drifter

Weishan (Wesley) Yang

1.8k 42 2 9
Wifi buttons with RGB LED feedback and notification
Project Owner Contributor

Wireless Smarthome Buttons

Justin Maynard

838 57 0 9
A Linux computer on board with extra power and connectivity options
Project Owner Contributor

Phi Go

Mastro Gippo

2k 97 7 9
A training tool that provides real-time human power output and form feedback
1.3k 34 1 9
Automatic temperature controlled jacket that will keep you cool on hot days and warm on cold days
759 306 5 9
Open Source and Hardware robotics platform
Project Owner Contributor

Mobility Shield


978 61 0 9
The Pipman is a propeller driven watch that has GPS, a compass and temperature sensors.
Project Owner Contributor

Pipman GPS Watch


2.3k 27 0 9
Old tech meets new tech... you have to vote for this, its got LEDs and stuff.
4k 1k 0 9
Another affordable apartment automation and remote control system. Make automation actually automatic.
Project Owner Contributor



1k 327 0 9
The IoT thing
Project Owner Contributor



1.6k 26 1 9
After seeing a commercial for a Telepresence robot on TV, I knew I wanted one, but after looking at prices I didn't want to pay for one.
Project Owner Contributor

Telepresence Robot

Joe Ferner

361 34 1 9
962 47 6 9
A simple parachute deployment system for machines having "brick-like" flying characteristics when losing power.
Project Owner Contributor

$10 Multicopter Safety System


918 262 3 9
An apparatus to assist in the study and collection of data on the subject of pain.
Project Owner Contributor

Pain Machine


1k 447 0 9
A WiFi remote control targeted for Motionbuilder, but flexible enough for other uses.
Project Owner Contributor

WiFi Motionbuilder control

Mike Hendricks

882 37 7 9
Easiest way to wirelessly send a one or zero.
Project Owner Contributor

Wireless wires

Chad Grant

790 735 1 9
Tessel is an OSS/OSHW JS microcontroller with on-board wifi and modular extensibility to sensors, actuators, BLE, etc.
Project Owner Contributor



410 110 2 9
Here we present a robotic tool- changing manipulator capable of carrying 4 different instruments for natural orifice surgery.
4.6k 1k 3 9
A "full size" wirelessly controlled redstone lamp. Full sized == 1m cubed
Project Owner Contributor

Full Size Wireless Redstone Lamp


5.1k 40 6 9
In this project I'm building a digital tachometer for 90's Hondas.
Project Owner Contributor

Honda OBD1 Digital Tachometer


716 36 3 9
An open source BLE watch
Project Owner Contributor


Matt Mills

606 15 3 9
Create a global network of sensors to detect insecticides suspected as harmful to bees.
Project Owner Contributor


Noel Dodd

794 36 2 9
A project to build a basic quadcopter from the cheapest parts I can find.
Project Owner Contributor



682 30 1 9
Using throwaway materials and electronics, create a custom mood light that emphasizes recycling/upcycling
Project Owner Contributor

Trash light

j0z0r pwn4tr0n

1.6k 50 5 9
You Have Mail senses mail in a roadside mailbox and alerts the user of this via an SMS or email.
Project Owner Contributor

You Have Mail


627 678 4 9
By harvesting ambient energy efficiently, an endlessly customizable Smartnode can be used anywhere and everywhere to solve complex problems
869 226 0 9
My "standalone" take on the ISS lamp lights up when the spacestation is overhead. It doubles as a NTP controlled clock.. with a VFD display.
Project Owner Contributor

ISS Lamp - NTP clock - Artpiece


865 44 2 9
ATLAS is an embedded operating system for ARM processors, based on freeRTOS and memory configuration capabilities.
Project Owner Contributor

ATLAS, an OS based on freeRTOS.

Ali Vadoud

957 44 0 9
The smart Home Comfort Control System that will replace Thermostats old and new
Project Owner Contributor


Juan Albanell

1.1k 30 6 9
What do the oceans under the ice of Europa sound like? Can we communicate with whatever is down there?
435 15 3 9
A device that encourages children to use the potty.
Project Owner Contributor

Potty Train

Uh Clem

1.4k 817 2 9
A configurable bridge for wireless sensors and controllers
Project Owner Contributor

IOT Gateway


880 28 0 9
Measure, record, and view four channels of thermocouple temperature data with this open source Arduino™-compatible data logger
1.4k 37 0 9
A real time display of current network usage. Data displayed on LED matrix and sent over serial UART to host for plotting.
Project Owner Contributor

Network Usage Meter


3.3k 800 5 9
A Crochet Cthulhu mask for my 4 year old's halloween costume with arduino controlled writhing tentacles.
2k 38 0 9
This kit can turn any old laptop into a water-cooled LED-projector with built-in media center and wireless streaming.
Project Owner Contributor

Ultimate Old Laptop Recycle Kit


458 41 1 8
Inspired by Sci-Fi, an improved wearable keyboard/mouse with gestural enhancements. Suitable for use in VR environments as well.
Project Owner Contributor


Eric Jacob

809 238 0 8
A general purpose interface PC interface that should be able to give a regular pc I/O interfaces that are commonly found on MCU-s.
Project Owner Contributor

PC general purpose interface


2.7k 658 0 8
A simple system that is based on speech recognition. Works on your voice commands, for an example "Lights ON" can turn ON lights.
936 31 0 8
Uses a GCDuino (Gold Coast Techspace developed Arduino) with ultrasonic detection and directly plays a WAV file to PWM audio output
Project Owner Contributor

Motion detect Dalek


2.2k 244 0 8
An open-source heart rate monitoring system based on the photoplethysmography principle.
Project Owner Contributor

Heart rate monitoring system

Rajendra Bhatt

1.5k 43 4 8
From wet wood to furniture grade lumber
Project Owner Contributor

Basement Wood Drying Kiln

Tim White

803 42 4 8
In stead of controlling my quadcopter with two joysticks I am working on a Delta Joystick. Work in progress!! Help needed!
Project Owner Contributor

Delta joystick


1.1k 17 6 8
As you may know, I'm a judge for the Hackaday Prize. I also can be pretty lazy, so maybe I could automate the job of judging?
Project Owner Contributor

JudgeTron 9001


1.5k 51 0 8
A new Delta style 3D Printer incorporating many new developments and ideas. Brought to you by InoTech3D
Project Owner Contributor

RosBot Kossel


1.5k 308 1 8
This project aims to create a production-ready, emc-compliant OpenHardware AudioStreaming-Product using OpenSource-Tools whenever possible.
809 60 2 8
Switched Mode Universal Power Supply
Project Owner Contributor

Universal Power Supply

Krzysztof Wrzalka

4.7k 38 0 8
This project was started as a way to display and save information from my 2008 Honda Civic's OBD2 port.
Project Owner Contributor



891 20 1 8
A 1-dimensional, laser gyroscope...on a pizza pan.
Project Owner Contributor

1-D Laser-Ring Gyroscope

Sky Carter

211 30 2 8
DIP Integrated Circuit to Lego Adaptor Blocks.
Project Owner Contributor



412 36 7 8
A Cloud CarBot is platform that connects your car to people and thing using cloud and natural language.
Project Owner Contributor

Cloud CarBot

Vivek Dharmadhikari

4k 65 0 8
A tracked vehicle for playing around with. Controlled from laptop for ubiqutousness, educational value and ... uh... data.
Project Owner Contributor

Browser-Controlled Tracked Robot


2.3k 30 2 8
my cpap (constant positive air pressure) machine broke during a power outage, this is how i fixed it, its a very crude fix but it works
Project Owner Contributor

hacking a broken cpap machine


2.4k 930 5 8
To dive a little deeper into eletronics and arduino programming, I created an 4x4x4 RGB Led Cube. Bluetooth is still to be done.
Project Owner Contributor

IoT RGB Led Cube 4x4x4 with Bluetooth


1.9k 47 3 8
Turn excess kinetic energy into electrical energy rather than waste all it as heat. Built from commonly available and recycled parts.
784 373 0 8
This is a small two wheel drive robot which is based on the Arduino and Android platforms and is Scriptable via googlescript (javascript)
648 626 3 8
Control per-pole LED lighting in a grand space
Project Owner Contributor

Wide Area Light Grid


1.2k 69 4 8
A system to notify when a garage door has been left open and accept commands to open/close the door.
1.1k 49 3 8
Very simple, pendrive size, zero programming double RS232 via USB