Autonomous battery swapping system for drones

A universal autonomous battery swapping system for drones to increase their range and endurance far beyond what is currently possible.

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The biggest problem with drones is their limited flight time (around 30 min depending on the drone), which only provides a 15 min operational radius. Our product is a smart platform that autonomously changes the power source of drones or VTOL aircraft in under 30 seconds by utilising robotics, computer vision and artificial intelligence.
The unique mechanism will not be limited by the size of either the drone or the power source itself, nor will it require the drone to be secured or moved in any way. A single Dronehub can keep multiple drones airborne 24/7 or triple the current range. We also hope to expand on this technology to include the autonomous swapping of payloads.
This infrastructure will accelerate the use and feasibility of drones in the market. Allowing them to conduct larger and longer operations in sectors such as security, agriculture, delivery and even search and rescue.

Early Dronehub Battery changing prototype.mp4

MPEG-4 Video - 11.75 MB - 04/25/2018 at 13:34


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