World Maker Faire 2018

A project log for 3D printed mini linear actuator

Need a mini linear actuator that is easy to print and implement in your robotics DIY projects? We got you

Giovanni LealGiovanni Leal 10/08/2018 at 16:370 Comments


it has been a long time o there is a lot to tell you about.

First, we made the ¨hall sensor 3d printed mini linear actuator¨ working. It works great and it much much easier to print and assemble that the previous one, less pieces, ligther and cheaper. So we will publish the files in due time or if anyone specifies a request.

Also, we were at the WMF at New York and it was awesome!

We met with:




and Michael

All of them had great porject and most importantly willingness to contribute and share so check them out and drop a like.

We had the opportunity to be a part of a live tweet in hackaday so check that out also:

Thank you everyone that took interest in this project, that got us to the semifinals and has made us learn a lot.

So as always feel fre to ask anything.