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Building a computer from scratch

john lemmejohn lemme 01/06/2017 at 03:260 Comments

Hello all! It's finally 2017, and with my project due in only a few short months, I have plenty of work ahead of me. Between college applications, work, and school, I've been busy, and I've been moving forward pretty slowly with this project since I finished the board last month. I've also been working on another engineering project for school - a graphing calculator - that's been eating up a lot of my free time (all the sources are on my GitHub if you're curious). On top of all of this, I had another minor setback with the computer - I somehow managed to blow out the regulator, and although the rest of the board is fine, I had to solder in another regulator, which put everything out of commission for a week or so.

I'd like to start updating this log at least once weekly. Now that the hardware is working again, I've dived into the CPU, and since it's all code (in various forms) from here on out the pace of development should pick up. As usual, all the changes will be available on the GitHub repository linked here, so make sure to check there for up-to-the minute updates.