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rogerRoger 08/10/2018 at 19:551 Comment

I saw that had an article on JPL Open Source Rover. In the comments section, there was a comment by Daniel Perron (who had also commented on this project page) mentioning Sawppy. I think Daniel should have a project page for his own Sawppy but I haven't seen one under his account

Which is a shame, because his rover is making good progress and his work totally deserves attention. So I'm going to draw attention to his build on my Sawppy page here.

Here's a scaled-down copy of the image he linked from his comment. From this picture I can see a few changes from my design. The biggest change is in the structural beams. Daniel is using something other than the Misumi 3-series 15mm extrusion that I used. I'm curious to see how well these beams work. Their uninterrupted square profile should make Daniel's Sawppy more rigid than mine, and more rigidity is always good.

And here's his YouTube clip showing his travel motor turning a wheel under control of his own servo control code.

I'm super excited to see another Sawppy taking form. Your rover looks great, Daniel! Great job and I look forward to seeing your future progress.


Daniel Perron wrote 09/01/2018 at 21:16 point

Wow I return from vacation and see my own rover on your pages. Weird!! but great.

I didn't do much this summer. it is summer and I was away  and I visit some place great.

 Misumi extrusion was quit hard to get in Canada and the time for shipping was too long. I decide to use wood instead.

I always had some spare wood  and I cut it with my bench saw exactly at the right dimension and when I insert it into the  plastic parts they fit very well.   The rover looks quite solid even if it is  wood frame.

Before my vacation I added  my own  ball join and I used a 3/8" aluminium rod

This is the picture  from my dropbox

Vacation is done now I will be back on the rover. Next step. will be to add the 4 LX16-A to turn the wheel and  test the rover.

Next step will be to add the  RPI3B+ computer  with DC/DC inverter. I'm thinking of using the Roomba battery pack since I do have  two  already and it will be simple to create an holder on the rover for it.

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