March, 19 : First we had  to choose which SDG project we would like to work on it. At the begining we did not really know which project we should take because we take care about the environment, and a lot of SDG's project concern environment. Finally we choose the 14th SDG problem : life below water.

March, 26 : Now we know on what we will work, we were thinking how and what we should do ? First of all, we thought about art project, because Diane already made an art project to denounce overconsumption and animal abuse, especially whale. Next, we saw it was not enough, so we still thinking about some stuff.

April, 9 : This day we finally decided to create an app. We were thinking about the content, organization, format... At the begining we wanted to make a simple app : only a calendar wich telling us when we can fish. 

April, 30 : At some point in our research, we have seen that we could elaborate our application by adding informations about differents fish : country, sex, if they are threat or not, length, weigh etc. We made 4 frames on a board to see what our application will look like.

May, 7 : Diane also made the 4 frames in real pieces of paper to had something clean to give back. During this time, Caroline and Adam found a website helping them to create our app. 

May, 14 : Today, we worked on our app on goodbaber.com

May, 28 : Same thing this week, but now the application is available on both appstore and playstore via goodbarber.