• How to Fight Poverty Economically

    03/30/2017 at 03:07 0 comments

    Many people believe that the best way to fight poverty on a global basis is to create ways for impoverished people to participate in the global economy. This is one possibility.

    Let's say that you are in a developing nation and you would like to participate in the global economy by selling items in the United States. If you make the item locally then ship it to the US, then you must pay the cost of shipping which is expensive. Fortunately today there is a simple way that you can avoid this cost. All you have to do is make a 3D model of the item and list it for sale in a service that will manufacture and sell your item. In this way you can level the playing field between yourself and others. It is good for both nations because it generates manufacturing, sales, and shipping revenue in the US, as well as generates income for you overseas. So it's a win-win situation.

    On this web page I plan to introduce you to some of the methods of carrying out this task. For now I will simply point you at a computer aided design tool (CAD) that I like to use, and a manufacturing/sales service that I have used for making my own goods. The CAD tool is available at OpenSCAD and the manufacturing/sales service is at Shapeways. If you go to these two web sites and learn all that you can, you will be equipped to sell items in the US without incurring the cost of shipping overseas. Also see this page for a $30 3D scanner that uses a cell phone to take images that can be converted into a 3D model.

    Keep an eye on this page for more information on the subject.