"Tortue Savante" Project

The goal is to replace the sounds contained in a child's toy with other sounds (.wav file)

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Put this controller in this turtle to play something else :) I admit that it's a bit hardcore to use a firecrack with this toy, an audio shield could have done the job but I do not have it on hand. I had participated in the financing of the project and since then I had not had the opportunity to use it.I realized at the opening of the box that the project would be relatively easy considering that I use a FireCricket as a comntrolleur. I can use 18 switches without adding other component, only 9 will be used anyway. Power supply is also very simple, this toy works with 2 x AA 1.5v batteries and the FireCricket needs 3v to work. Again, I have no extra component to add.

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