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Things I've Built

2x7 Segments Clock

2x7 Clock Segments. Displays the hours, minutes, temperature, and humidity alternately by using a code to display different information. Also used as a counter.

The Water Machine

"Water machine" that transposes the characteristics of water into sound. The temperature and the color of the liquid are the main controls that vary the audio result.

64 RGB Leds mount on fabric

64 RGB Leds fixed on a piece of white tissue. This is one of my first wearable attempts to create a halloween costume. The device was subsequently reused for ambient light.

The 8x8 1414T Display

Screen made from alphanumeric displays 1414T. The logical part was made with a BasicStamp (Arduino did not exist in 2003). 8 lines of 32 characters that can be controlled from a standard keyboard.

The PaintPendulum

The PaintPendulum is an inspiration of the artist Tom Shannon. I adapted his idea to use music to control the flow of colors. This installation was presented in 2 artistic events and to students in a primary school.

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