DP5 , an hacker friendly tablet

The portable device for me is not out there, I decided to build one , based on my needs and not someone else design.

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I had many of them.

I had an archos 404 in mid 2000's and I was able to run small linux apps on it , I had handheld devices based on windows mobile , I had the smallest laptops , the first android phone and the first tablet .

The last device I bet on wa the Pocket Chip , but recently NextThingCo did hit the bucket and I sold it on ebay.

None of this device was the one I wanted , DP5 is the desperate try to have the one device I will bring with me every day , the one that always pay itself .

Don't Panic.

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Starhawk wrote 04/07/2020 at 22:50 point

I know it probably comes as something of a shock, but there actually is kind of a need to fill out details here (or at least a desire from others to see such)...


But, seriously, dude, why even bother putting up a page if you're not actually going to give useful information on what you did? Let's see some info!

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