Automatic fermenting box

a fermenting box use dht22 and a cheap humidifier to control humidity. use the sunshine to heat

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a fermenting box use dht22 and a cheap humidifier to control humidity. use the sunshine to heat. it's a poor project ,but i will improve it.


My purpose is to make a tobacco fermentation tank that uses the sun for heating during the day and controls the humidifier through a humidity sensor. The main body of the box is a foam box. I put a tin foil (which can also be aluminum foil) inside, and the opening of the box is sealed with a plastic wrap. This can absorb more of the sun's heat without losing too much heat. At the same time I use the 8266 module and I can monitor data (io.adafruit) in the office. At present my equipment has already started running. However, the humidity curve is not ideal. I will adjust my code to make the humidity curve smoother. At the same time, the current maximum temperature record is 44 degrees Celsius, and it has not reached the target of 50 degrees. English is not my mother tongue, and I don't want to write this in English. It's too hard for me. So the English version of GOOGLE Translator is provided.

  • 2018.6.1

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    Through one morning's data observation, I found that the rate of humidity drop has little relationship with temperature, but it is closely related to the tendency of temperature to rise or fall. When the temperature drops, the humidity will drop very slowly or even rise. When the temperature rises rapidly, the humidity will drop rapidly. However, I do not intend to calculate their specific relationship, because this is a complicated mathematical problem and it has little impact on my project. I only need to reduce the running time of the humidifier word and give him a suitable waiting time. This time is used to compensate for the sensor's delay in reading ambient humidity. In short, after modifying the code. The range of humidity will be reduced, but it cannot be eliminated!

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