High-density large 3D printer array

Multiple large volume 3D printers stacked vertically

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I have a need for lots of very large 3D printed objects. Typical printers capable of making objects large than 1 sq ft are very expensive and occupy a large amount of floor space.

The goal of this project is to produce the greatest number of printed modules while occupying as little floor space for as cheaply as possible.

The basis of this project is the MPCNC machine. Mostly printed CNC, in this case fitted with extruders to function as printers. With a footprint of 33" x 33" each level is capable of printing an object approximately 20" x 20".

I'm working on a modification to the Z axis which will reduce the height needed per level by approximately 3". This will allow for 4 gantries within a 6' machine with approximately 3" of printer height. This is sufficient for my application, though a greater height could be achievable with fewer gantries.

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kelvinA wrote 03/10/2022 at 20:29 point

Woah this project is shockingly similar to the initial beginings of my printer project!!

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