m-BITBEAM construction set

m-BITBEAM is a 3D printed construction set based on the Bitbeam concept including some additional parts like wheels, holders, boxes, etc.

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m-BITBEAM is a 3D printed construction set based on the Bitbeam concept including some additional parts like wheels, holders, boxes, etc. The programmable control unit is based on Arduino and its big ecosystem of various modules and sensors.
m-BITBEAM is primarily designed like a robotic construction set for kids going to grammar and high schools but is also very useful for other purposes.

As is written m-BITBEAM is a modification of Bitbeam construction set. Bitbeam is an open source Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA) construction and prototyping set. The parts fit with LEGO Technics/Mindstorms, so it is possible to use both sets together. All Bitbeam parts are designed so that they can be made at home from various materials with various technology (3D printing, CNC, laser cutting). Bitbeam system could be an interesting and cheap alternative to different commercial construction sets. One of the main pros is you can easily design and print own parts.

m-BITBEAM is being developed in the Czech Republic mainly by Tomas Feltl then the e-Mole team and a few fans like me. Next project participants are welcome.

The project is still in progress, and therefore some documentation is only in Czech. We are sorry for that. We would like to fix it soon. Documents are full of figures, and we hope it is self-explaining.


Molik's with servos build instructions (alpha, in Czech)

Adobe Portable Document Format - 22.57 MB - 06/04/2018 at 12:38



Molik's with steppers build instructions (alpha, in Czech)

Adobe Portable Document Format - 22.30 MB - 06/04/2018 at 12:38



Robot Ramenak build instructions (in Czech)

Adobe Portable Document Format - 11.15 MB - 06/04/2018 at 11:54



The easy game for robot Ramenak

Adobe Portable Document Format - 331.89 kB - 06/04/2018 at 11:54



Robot Ferda build instructions

Adobe Portable Document Format - 10.33 MB - 06/04/2018 at 09:32


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  • Building instructions for m-BITBEAM

    Tomas Feltl06/05/2018 at 14:19 0 comments

    To make it possible to use the kit in education, education materials are necessary (ideally with methodics :-)). A necessary part of these materials are building instructions. We are giving you the basic set of the m-Bitbeam parts for construction of models/manuals in SW like LDraw, MLCad, LPub, … to give you the opportunity to make these "manuals". The parts are available in the DAT format. You can download them anytime you want start creating models and building instructions. We have placed everything into the repository on GitHub, for easier maintenance and cooperation in developing new parts.

  • m-BITBEAM licence

    Matous Pokorny06/04/2018 at 13:01 0 comments

    The m-BITBEAM construction set itself in open source project according to Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA) license, but some documentation is not, i.e., robot build instructions, workbooks... so you can see a notice about the restrictions in some documents.

  • The advanced robot with the gripper

    Matous Pokorny06/04/2018 at 12:45 0 comments

    Molik is the advanced robot with the gripper and several sensors. It can do a complex task like to find something and bring it. You can compete with it in some robotic challenge, i.e., ketchup house on the Robotic day.

    There are two Molik's versions depend on motors. The first version uses 5V stepper motors 28byj-48. This version is accurate in motion but a little bit weak to manipulate with heavier objects. This Molik is suitable to draw pictures or play Ketchup house. The second version uses continuous servos. It is fast and strong enough to manipulate with objects but is very inaccurate. You can select the version appropriate for you.

    We are still working on nice, smooth, powerful and accurate robot motion. Molik's build instructions are in alpha version, and some sections are missing. I would like to discuss ideal motors for m-BITBEAM in another log a complete the build instructions.

    Molik's build instructions with the stepper motors: l08-molik-v00r02-stepper-web.pdf

    Molik's build instructions with the servos: l08-molik-v00r02-servo-web.pdf

  • Robotic arm with magnetic effector

    Matous Pokorny06/04/2018 at 12:04 0 comments

    If you are interested in manipulators, robot Ramenak is a great choice for you. Ramenak is robotic arm with the magnetic effector. You can control it using joystick and potentiometer and check your motor skills. It also possible to add the bluetooth module and control Ramenak using smartphone or tablet.

    Ramenak's build instructions are in document l03-ramenak-v01r01-web.pdf (in Czech). Playground and rules of the easy game with Ramenak is in l03-ramenak-game.pdf (in Czech).

  • Build your first robot with m-BITBEAM

    Matous Pokorny06/04/2018 at 11:20 0 comments

    You completed your own m-BITEBEAM set. Now you can build your first robot. We called it Ferda, and it is the very simple robot. It can just ride around. But it is also very versatile. You can add reflectance sensor, and Ferda will follow the line. With the ultrasonic range finder, Ferda can discover the room or escape the maze. It is up to your imagination and creativity.

    Back to the ground and start with the build instructions l07-ferda-v01r01-web-en.pdf. They guide you step by step throw the building. There are also the programs to set zero speed point and test the driving ability. Both of them are prepared in Ardublock and Arduino IDE.

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