An external PMIC makes for a boxy camera

A project log for Lepton 3.5 Thermal Imaging Camera

Documenting my experiments with the FLIR Lepton 3.5 thermal imaging camera.

Dan JulioDan Julio 02/19/2019 at 05:220 Comments

But I have a camera now!  After the disappointment with the Pocketbeagle's built-in power-management system I decided to just hack my own Solar Pi Platter to act as a battery charger, power supply, RTC and USB Hub and then 3D printed a case.  After a lot of spray painting I now have a brick of a camera!

This is a quick update.  In case anyone is interested I will shortly update github with the schematic, new code for the Pi Platter and the OpenSCAD/STL files for the enclosure.  Currently it's just running the existing PRU code ported to the Pocketbeagle.

I had one huge panic.  I was manipulating the PCBs and bumped the Lepton on the desk.  The shutter came apart and I almost did too.  Fortunately I didn't lose any small parts.  But it didn't go back together in a functional state.  The shutter stuck whenever it closed.  After contemplating another $300 I started hacking.  Finally removing an internal shield and taping the whole thing back together yielded a functional part again.  At least for now.