Harvesting the power Dissipiated heat from engine

Engine Dissipate a lots of heat to environment during working and running that can be harvested for various purpose

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During to working and running of a engine a lots of power gets lost due to friction and these power gets dissipated inform of heat from engine.This heat gets dissipated to environment and also leads to make our environment getting hotter.These heat that get dissipated from engine goes waste without any use and also become one of the reason of increasing unwanted temperature of our surrounding.What if we use this extra waste of energy and our engine power for our other small purpose. We are making and developing a device that used these extra wasted heat from our engine in other different small use.
one way of doing it is converting this heat into electric energy and store it as electric energy that can further be used in other various purpose like charging our electronic device or running electronic components in the automobile itself.
one efficient way of converting that waste heat energy into electric energy is Thermometric generator the thermometric generator .

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