Power meter - GPS - pedal powered for bicycles

Pedals that bring a new set of smart features with no hassle

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Being a bike commuter for 10+ years some "nice to haves" are always popping up in my head, like means to measure how far have I gone during the lifetime of my tires? is my performance constant or changing? There are some apps and fitness trackers that assist with this, I've used plenty... but often times I forget to start recording, the app crashes or my phone has terribly low batt. Has this happened to you?

Some bike-mounted options are really expensive and make my old Brompton more prone to get stolen. Years ago I came with this idea aaand... something similar designed by a French team went into crowdfunding and got 288% funded. Sigh. Didn't back it because the design was not of my liking, but followed it, to discover later that it had tanked because of design constraints which my design probably would not have.

Now the Hackaday Prize gives me the chance to revisit this issue with the aim to have the pedals I've always wanted! Let's dig into the de

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PointyOintment wrote 07/21/2018 at 04:24 point

I noticed your text got cut off. It looks like you've been here a while, but just in case you forgot: The description field only allows a limited amount of text. You can put more in the details section (with formatting too).

Also, if this is going to be a pedal, have you considered adding a light to it, when you're already going to have a generator and battery? I've read that having (non-flashing) lights on your pedals (or ankles) is excellent for night cycling safety, because the motion identifies you as a cyclist to any motorists who see it.

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