Egg dispensers

Increased efficiency in breakfast preparation via better design, elegant mechanics and IoT integration

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As a part of a larger kitchen re-organizational plan, I've decided to find a better way to stock my refrigerator, a jungle that it is.

I mostly stick to slow-carb style diet which by design limits the number of ingredients, which is already great, since efficiency starts by removing 80% of what does is not work.

What I've noticed, during breakfast preparation, is that I spend a lot of time on small but wasteful movements, which by themselves serve no purpose but to surrender to existing design and use patterns of object. It might look sexy in infomercials, but in daily experience, quite annoying. Real life context is often different from product laboratory.

The prime example is an egg crate/box we have in most refrigerators. Try using it with just one hand without taking it out.

I quickly discovered that this design is inherited from the industrial need to transport eggs in large quantities with highly agitated vehicles which move in all kinds of violent directio

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