EPROM eraser using pacifier steriliser

That's a "quick and dirty" way to erase your EPROMs in about 13 minutes by using a pacifier-steriliser for 18 Euro or less.

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I should first mention that a tolerable eprom-eraser for massive chip erasing up to 4-8 chips in approximately 10 minutes would cost about 13-22 euros on Amazon.
Having said that the below "experiment" (proof of concept) makes the pacifier-sterilizer a quick & dirty alternative solution :)
So... the EPROM I erased is an ST Microelectronics 27C256. An erased EPROM means that all memory addresses are set to logic '1' (+5v) or FF in Hex. In order to verify that the EPROM is erased I used my own custom made EPROM-Reader-Writer (ongoing sub-project for another project) on a breadboard. At the beginning the EPROM was all 1's (ones) then I wrote some bytes in the first 7-8 addresses so I could have something to "delete" or should I say initialize ... dah!
After placing the EPROM in the pacifier-steriliser for approximately 13 minutes ... voilà!!! The chip got back to it's initial state (all addresses 1's ones)!

Actually the whole process took me two(2) 6-minute-sessions with the pacifier-steriliser because this piece of equipment stops exposing the pacifier in the first 6 minutes. This means that i had to close the lid twice to get the total exposing time of 12+ minutes which is needed to erase the EPROM.

Exposing times vary from eprom to eprom but I would guess that a total of 18 minutes (3 sessions) would be just fine to erase most chips.

  • 1 × ST Microelectronics 27C256 EPROM
  • 1 × Pacifier Steriliser I do not know if all pacifier-sterilisers will work

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    Step 1

    Ground yourself first

  • 2
    Step 2

    User a pin shaper for your EPROM if possible

  • 3
    Step 3

    Place some adhesive tape to the back of the EPROM (see my pics). Do this carefully cause you don't wanna bend the pins.

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