Afforestation of barren land using Quadcopter

As the title suggests, it is a way of planting seeds through drones, quadcopters at places which might be difficult for a human to reach

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There is a lot of unused or barren land that might be used for vegetation. These lands might cover vast area or maybe at places where human's / farming machine's can't reach. Also, even if it is a small acre of land, conventional way of doing it (i.e; sowing seeds by hand) might be tiresome. This project is an effort to increase the pace ansd scale of growing vegetation across large unused barren areas. This technique may not be useful for farming but might be useful in places where you want to grow vegetation across unused and barren lands. More plants means more oxygen and less Co2 and greenhouse effect.
  • 1 × Quadcopter with camera
  • 2 × Standard Servo To provide 3 Degree of freedom for Seed Launcher
  • 1 × Clay Pellets / Seed Balls
  • 1 × Projectile System

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