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UberDice is a dice that connects to a PC via standard micro USB. It features 9 LEDs on each side and an accellerometer and is programmable.

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* Nine 2 inch displays: Each display has a stunning resolution of 0.000009 MegaPixels (totaling 54 pixels). This clever battery saving display is called LessIsLess(TM) Technology (patent pending)
* USB Micro port: for charging and programming
* 3-axis accelerometer: UberDice knows if it is in motion and which side is up
* Integrated rechargeable battery: 110mAh for never ending fun
* Tactile feedback: A built-in vibration motor acts as tactile feedback
* iDieOS: UberDice comes with a software library and a set of preprogrammed games
* On/Off switch: A toothpick-sized hole provides convenient access to the on/off switch without interfering with gameplay (conforms to the ISO-4913 toothpick norm).

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