The DEFCON26 Middle Finger Badge

a little gesture to let the facial recognition AI bots know of your disapproval.

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This project is a badge intended to be a tongue in cheek gesture for Face API's in a modern surveillance state.

project started out as a joke. 

How would people react when they discover that they are being recorded? do they look away? change emotions? put their hands up, or, would they just simply flick you off? this is my way of making light of that dialogue. 

This is also an exercise in learning how to make PCB's in bulk, and see how far I could stretch it. This was designed to take basic off the shelf iot parts, and make a little something out of it to help newbs get access to some entry level geek tech. 

This helps you learn how to:


- Sodder sum moar!

- learning how to program CircuitPython

-Learn about LED addressing, color, and intensity levels.

- be resourceful! add your own stuff, over I2C, or add an analog sensor or 2, or, heck, you can even try to learn about DMA! (no I don't know what that is and don't ask me till next year)


Yes there are gonna be Pre-orders. there's gonna be an extremely short window (LIKE THIS WEEK!), and this only available for pickup at Security summer camp! Keep your eyes peeled over the next 24 hours for details on Tindie, Twitter, and the githubs.

I'm not making anything on this, and I'm already out of pocket for ~300 boards. I'm doing this more from a deep cold pirate heart that's gotten a bit soft for the next generation of hackers, and giving some access to tools and toys to help them grow. 

You can order one now, and pick up during DEFCON now:


The Finger board layout

brd - 324.93 kB - 07/31/2018 at 02:40




sch - 58.78 kB - 07/31/2018 at 02:40


  • 1 × adafruit Trinket M0
  • 3 × 5mm Neopixel through-hole LEDs
  • 1 × .1"" pin headers (10) 1 row 10 pin header
  • 1 × 5 pin socket

  • So What about this Shim?

    El Jefe08/17/2018 at 03:46 0 comments

    some of you got the shim in the white board and it looks something like this:

    and the backside looks like this.
    now, when you add the power backpack, the holes align as such:

    see how the backpack can go either on the front or the back of the shim. your choice!

    then you just have to figure out how you want to handle the sockets:

    if you put them on the backside, be sure to solder the pins for the trinket in backwards! (while I didn't try this, it could work, good luck. but anyhoo)

    ok now, see here: when you assemble the trinket with the shim, pay particular attention to the orientation of the usb notch, 2nd, you have to solder the shim to the pins to make a solid contact. go ahead and get creative if you have long pin sockets! but what I did here, what give it a quick solder tap on the 3 pins for vcc, gnd and usb, on the shim board, and them placed the trinket flush, and then soldred in the trinket. 

    so it looks like this:
    now, if you don't want it to be permanent, you can probably make it pinned, and socketed, and make it stackable. 

    hope this helps some folks out there!

  • Solder proof complete!

    El Jefe08/01/2018 at 06:05 0 comments

    Tonight I soldered the parts together, Here's an action shot. First, placed the LED's in the right order. each LED has a flat side, and the board shows a flat side. make sure you align those. then, split each pin each way, so that they alternate, this makes it slightly easier to slip them through in the right order. it take a little bit or fussing with it, but once you get the feel for the first one the next ones are easy. 

    Added a little rosin flux, then soldered them in and clipped the long leads. 

    And oh so beautiful:

    the white board really makes the light pop. this board is a basic trinket, using the standard adafruit instructions for a trinket and neopixel;

    I just updated that code to use pin 1. Read up on AdaFruits Uber guide to learn more about the NeoPixels.

    next up, writing some custom code for circuit python example to go with this board!.

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