Rev 2

A project log for miniSolar Charger

A solar powered, battery buffered, USB charger.

Peter ThompsonPeter Thompson 08/28/2018 at 02:260 Comments

Second revision boards arrived today. Probably the nicest part of this project is how cheap I can get 5-day-lead PCBs from OSH Park.

Here's how Rev 2 (middle) measures up compared to Rev 1 (above) and my PCB ruler (below):

And, for perspective, the assembled PCB in my hand:

Lastly, I've been working on the enclosure some more. I've been having a bit of trouble printing with the flexible filament. I learned that hard way if your print head is calibrated too close to the bed, normal filament will over-extrude, but flexible filament will simply jam up. I have that sorted out, but now I'm finding that flexible filament is nearly unworkable with support and bridging. Below is Rev 2 of the enclosure, before cleaning.

I might have to get creative. If only I had a multi-material printer, eh?

Oh well. I'll find a way to clean up the enclosure, get the Rev 2 board working, and then I should be pretty much done!