• The connector

    Ronald04/29/2019 at 13:39 0 comments

    As the datasheet says, the connector on the screen is the AXT434124. The counter connector is the

    AXT334124. See also this link, according to which this is a suitable breakout board ("simple" 0.4 mm pitch to 2.54mm converter).

    Using the schematic from this project as a base.


    OK folks, sorry... it's proven to be too difficult for me. I'm posting this draft from half a year ago now, it holds a little more information. I finally chose for a display from a TI-83+ graphing calculator, which was easier. I might do a writeup on that.

  • Datasheet comparison

    Ronald08/09/2018 at 15:16 0 comments

    In the "Files" section I uploaded datasheets of the SC4 and the SC7 displays. Comparing:

    • Features & active display size 100% similar
    • Slightly different outer dimensions
    • Pin namings:
    CL, LE, OE
    VGG, VEE

    Furthermore the SC4 seems to have two sets of gate drivers. The SC7 seems to don't have this (upgraded version?). The PaperBack schematic just connects the gate driver pins for the two sets all together, and pulls SHR high all the time.

    Voltages are 22, -20, -15 and +15 V for both panels. Maximum power of the SC7 is 1131 mW vs 1100 mW on the SC4 :-D Clock is still 200 kHz.

    Conclusion: it all looks very similar. Yay!

    Power-on sequence looks different to the eye, need to look into that further. But it might just be a matter of styling the PDF...