RS422 / RS485 Arduino Shield

isolated RS422/RS485 shield for professional use

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I'm working currently on a professional RS422/RS485 shield for the Arduino UNO (and compatible boards) and other SBC with Arduino style headers (like STM Nucleo) . I wasn't satisfied with the shields on the market. They are very simple and have some disadvantages. My shield comes with the following features:

- RS485 mode (half duplex)
- RS422 mode (full duplex)
- galvanic isolation between Arduino and connected RS485 bus
- free choice of TX-pin between pins 0-5
- free choice of RX-pin between pins 0-5
- enhanced ESD protection
- adjustable automatic transceiver switching for RS485 mode
- adjustable control of transceiver/receiver via pin 6 or 7
- adjustable Pull-Up, Pull-Down und terminating resistors
- indicator LEDs for RX and TX
- removable block terminal for bus connection
- many options adjustable via DIP switches
- stackable headers
- can be configured for 3.3V and 5V logic

Arduino_RS485 Shield schematic V01-01-00.pdf

Adobe Portable Document Format - 210.13 kB - 08/14/2018 at 08:58


Datasheet RS485 shield Rev A.pdf

Datasheet including Jumper and DIP switch settings

Adobe Portable Document Format - 1.86 MB - 08/14/2018 at 08:56


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