Let us think of outdoor electronic devices like the systems in weather stations, some sensors, or data loggers. In most of the conditions, no power outlet is available and then we have to switch to batteries but they also soon turn off. So, this solar power unit is designed to easily power your devices with very high power efficiency.

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Why use solar power for low power applications?

Solar power is most easiest and most practical way to produce energy and to drive our future to a better tomorrow. However, solar power is not just a niche! One day, we will all be using solar power for every small and big applications and then solar energy would not be a non conventional source of energy.

By using solar power for low power applications, we are taking big step towards solar power for small electronic devices. This enables a new class of embedded and IoT systems.

When you have a project like weather station, remote data logger, etc. or applications like this, you do not have to keep your sensing units on all the time. And of course, in all these applications, powering is the major issue. If you turn on the the unit in five minutes, it can save a lot energy. This unit has time delay of five minutes. The unit can also power your units when there is no sunlight(at night) as it has a rechargeable battery inside.

It's not just a solar powering unit and not just a timer. It's a combination of both of them!

Moreover, this powering unit has a low voltage sensor which switches the unit to run on battery power when there is not enough sunlight.


  • Time switching device
  • Can also work without sunlight!
  • Easy to use
  • Switch for using power from batteries
  • Highly compatible with Arduino and other low power systems
  • Long battery life
  • Automatically switches to battery power
  • Detachable solar panel
  • Less charging time
  • Portable
  • Clean energy

I repeat! It's portable...

Where you would use it?

This unit can be used by industries and also by electronic enthusiasts.

Just click it and forget everything!!

Electronic enthusiasts can use it to make some great time switching projects and some outdoor circuits like weather station, remote data loggers, etc. Most of the makers widely use Arduino to prototype their projects and thus this unit is highly compatible with Arduino.

Weather Stations

This unit can be used to power weather monitors. Here it is not necessary to keep the sensors working 24/7. They can be made working using specific time delay which can save a lot power.

Data Logggers

The unit can also be used to power data loggers. They can collect data at specific time delays saving energy.

Powering Copper Pipe Theft Alarm

Copper pipe theft is increasing day by day increasing demand of copper. For prevention of this, copper pipe theft alarms are placed in industries.

"There's no question the theft has gotten much, much worse, " said Mike Adelizzi, president of the American Supply Association, a nonprofit group representing distributors and suppliers in the plumbing, heating, cooling and industrial pipe industries.

This unit can be used to power the alarm system. In daytime we can use timer mode as the chances are lower for theft at daytime. For night time, special switch is placed in unit which keeps Arduino awake all the time. Thus, saving energy at daytime and using it at night.

Leakage Detection

The unit can be used to power leakage detector circuit. This will check the leakage every specific time interval thus, saving energy.


The timers are necessary to time the tasking and production which then enables to calculate costs and other elements.

But here, it's not just a timer it is power saving timer which powers your equipment.

Battery Life Calculation

Ton (Arduino...

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